Camp FAQs about our Capital Campaign

Will my child be safe during the construction period?

Absolutely. The safety of our campers and staff is our number one priority. We have a strong partnership with our contractors and have developed security protocols that will ensure the safety of all of our students, campers, and staff throughout the duration of the project. Specifically:

  • Construction will be focused at the entry to campus, away from camper gathering places, the dorms, yurt, and dining hall.
  • Construction will be confined to a fenced-off area with all construction employees restricted to that area. Construction employees are all background-checked in accordance with KSS standards.
  • Traffic patterns at the entry to campus will change during this time, but we'll have staff and signage to guide you as you pick up and drop off your campers.

How are we containing the construction zone so that my child does not encounter nails, screws, scrap metal, and wood?

All construction will be confined to a fenced area. Both the construction team and the KSS staff will closely monitor these areas to ensure there is no construction encroachment beyond the fenced area.

Will my child ever have contact with construction employees or equipment?

We will keep a portion of the fencing free from obstruction so that campers can view progress throughout the summer. We know children are curious and love to see what’s happening! During these times, they’ll see the construction employees who will give a friendly wave or hello.  Otherwise, we don’t expect campers to have any contact with employees or equipment.

Are the construction workers background checked?

Yes. Our contractor, RA Nelson, completes thorough background checks for all employees in accordance with KSS’s standards. Additionally, they ensure that any subcontracted employees are background checked.

What will drop off and pick up look like?

A small portion of our parking lot will be fenced off during construction and the entrance area will look different. To accommodate our camp families and the parking needs of our staff, we’ve partnered with the Keystone Stables. We’ll have access to additional parking spaces – primarily for staff – to allow our camp families closer access to campus. A map of the pick-up and drop-off zone will be shared with camp families. We are doing everything we can do minimize impact, but kindly ask for your patience as the construction progresses as adjustments may need to be made.

Should I plan more time for pick-up or drop-off due to traffic?

We suggest planning an additional 15 minutes into your pick-up or drop-off routine the first time you arrive. This will give you time to learn the new traffic pattern and ask questions. 

Why are you doing this during the summer?

The high-altitude environment of Summit County means construction during the warmer months of the year are most affordable and efficient.

How will the noise/construction affect my child's programming?

Because the construction project is located at the entry to campus and not near the primary gathering points for campers, we don’t expect there to be an impact on programming. 

Will the construction restrict the amount of the campus available for my child?

No. We’ve designed the project to provide additional safety at the front/entryway of campus leaving the typical areas for programs untouched and available for campers all summer.

Will the capital campaign cause camp fees to increase?

No. The capital project is funded completely through the generosity of donors.