About the Capital Project and Campaign

What is the scope of the capital project?

The project entails new administrative space for our staff and new housing for our instructors. The new buildings will be situated on the current parking lot location. This location allows for centralized pick-up/drop-off and minimizes the number of vehicles on our campus thereby improving safety and traffic flow.

Why are you doing this campaign right now?

KSS has long needed investment in its capital infrastructure having operated out of aging facilities for years.  The instructor housing is in cabins from the late 1800s, or cabins moved to our campus in the mid-1950s.  All but one of the cabins is without running water. Our administrative space is also in cabins (two) with only one having running water. We’ve outgrown our administrative space after becoming an independent organization.

How did you arrive at the priorities for the campaign?

There are many capital needs at KSS and prioritizing them wasn’t easy.  To do so, we reflected on what investments had already been made in the recent past.  These improvements focused primarily on serving our participants (campers, teachers, students).  Then, we surveyed the staff to understand what needs they saw as priorities.  We reviewed staff retention data and housing information for the area.  We also projected our year-round and seasonal staff growth to understand what our needs might be in the future.  Finally, we shared the information and ideas with the board, and it was determined that the highest priorities were instructor housing and administrative space.

How will these projects contribute to the growth of KSS and be a benefit to KSS's participants?

These projects are an investment in the future of KSS as they serve to attract and retain the highest quality staff.  With a strong staff team, KSS will achieve its goals to expand and grow to serve more youth and adults.

How are you maintaining the rustic camp image with these new facilities?

The design of the new buildings is aligned with current building design on campus and resembles the ‘rustic mining town’ look to the degree it is possible.  Bringing elements from current structures into new structures will be considered (for example, using some of the wood or metal materials from current facilities as siding on new buildings) as will incorporating rustic elements into the interior spaces (barn doors from wood on campus, etc.).

What is KSS going to do to preserve the character of the existing cabins?

KSS will keep ALL of its existing cabins but will transition them to different uses such as much-needed storage for curriculum and program supplies.

What is your timeline for completing these projects?

Construction is slated to begin in Spring 2018 with an estimated completion date in early 2019.

How much are you trying to raise in this campaign?

We are trying to raise at least $3.9M.

What happens if you don't meet your goal?

We’ve designed this campaign to ensure we don’t overstep our ability to fundraise.  The flexibility of the project lies in how many instructor cabins we’re able to build.

How long will you be in this campaign?

We hope to have the fundraising portion of the campaign completed by the end of 2018.  The silent phase (soliciting lead gifts and major gifts) took place in 2017 and early 2018 and our public phase began in mid-2018.

Who is on your campaign committee?

Howard Carver (Chair), Gretchen Davis, Becky Johnson, CH Maguire, Bill Putnam, Doug Sims, Deb Kelleher Spiers, David Stelzer, and Wilson Strong.  Our Honorary members are Linda Clem, Lee Henry, Joan Houlton, Bob Follett and John Fitzgerald.

Are you asking for funds from outside Summit County?

Yes.  Foundations and individual donors from outside of Summit County are an important part of our family of supporters.

How can I support the project? Can I make a pledge over a period of years?

Your financial support is greatly appreciated!  Click here to give online or contact our Executive Director, Ellen Reid, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 970.455.4233.  Multi-year pledges are a tremendous help to us.  We prefer the time period to be 3 years or less but pledges up to 5 years are possible.

In addition to giving funds, how can we support the project?

Share information on the project with others and invite them to meet with a KSS team to learn more.  Serve as enthusiastic ambassadors of KSS.