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2022: Year of Community

Keystone Science School coined a summer theme in 2008 starting with the "Summer of Stars". Since its inception, these themes have been embraced by the entire summer staff to help guide different activities, celebrations, and teachable moments. After a tough summer immediately following the initial phase of the pandemic, aptly named the “Summer of Courage”, In 2021 KSS expanded the summer theme to be an annual theme starting with The Year of Connection; and thus the annual theme was born.

This year, we are proud to announce the 2022 annual theme: The Year of Community.

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2022: Year of Community

A pack of dogs. A convocation of eagles. A murder of crows. All define groups of animals. While we may not use these terms daily, they provide a way to describe more than one of the same animal. At KSS, we talk about campers, students, board members, alumni, volunteers, and staff; or about our trail teams, whitewater rafting crews, or sunrise celebration friends. There are many ways to think about the smaller groupings that make up the entirety of the KSS family. But one word sums it up best, Community.

To celebrate all the folks who make and experience the magic at KSS we’ve named 2022 the Year of Community at Keystone Science School. Throughout the next twelve months, we’ll take a look at what makes up the School’s community from how we interact with and support our local and neighboring communities to what we’re doing to build a sense of belonging in all facets of our programming.

To celebrate feeling connected, included, and part of the KSS community this year we will be:

  • Infusing community into our camp welcome with new ways to put our campers and families at ease,
  • Highlighting the many communities that exist in the sciences we study. (Did you know that a high alpine plant community is known as a Fellfield?),
  • Continuing to work with local leaders to support Summit’s working families with quality out of school programming, and
  • Asking you, as a valued member of our community, to share what the KSS community means to you.

We’ll also see Community in those magic moments at KSS: when the laughter between new friends fills the air at the evening campfire or when a group of students has the ‘a-ha’ moment digging a snow pit and looking at snow crystals (snowflakes are groups of snow crystals!).

Perhaps we’ll eventually coin a phrase that encapsulates a group of KSSers as creatively as a ‘convocation of eagles’. But, for now, we’re grateful to call you all part of the KSS Community. We look forward to celebrating with you in 2022!

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