Ellen #IamKSS

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I am KSS and this is my story. As the ED of Keystone Science School I’m so grateful for all the people I get to work with every day. But I’m also a mother so my experience with KSS is two-fold. When I think of KSS I think of the children that are running around and they’re learning and their lives are changing and their stories are being built. But I also think of my children. My 10 year old daughter, Logan, and my 8 year old son, Zander. And I think of how proud I am that they hiked a 14er by themselves with a group of other kids equally excited to challenge themselves and get to the top of something so grand. I also think of my daughter’s smile and my son’s smile when I see them after camp for the first time. It’s something different than I ever see and they come running toward me with a smile that’s so genuine and so pure and so real. I can’t even make them smile like that. That is the Science School. That is what we do. We create deep memories that build children, build independence and inspire curiosity and I’m so proud that I get to be a small part of this.

Ellen Reid is the Executive Director of Keystone Science School.