Top Reasons To Come To Summer Camp At Keystone Science School

color war summer camp keystone science school

Hot Pink Gorilla and Grape Ape sightings
Captain Zero saves the day
Making new friends
Accomplishing challenge hikes
Lifelong memories
Sharing a moment at Candle or Snack Chat
Fun science experiments
Sliming your counselors
Winning the CLAW games
Saving campus from zombies during Campocalypse
Performing your talent in the camper talent show
So many different programs to choose from
Rafting the Arkansas River
Looking through a 14-inch reflecting telescope
Singing songs at the campfire
Filling up your bead necklace
Getting to become a Counselor Assistant
Choosing your own activity at Camper Choice
Building an entire chipmunk village

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Oh Nuts

An explanation of how KSS handles peanut allergies.

Our Kitchen camp kss

At Keystone Science School we take the well-being of our campers and students very seriously. We understand that children have a wide variety of needs which includes allergies and any dietary restrictions. At KSS we have noticed an increase in food allergies among the campers and students who participate in our programs.

Just as it is important to differentiate our teaching techniques to meet the many learning styles we also tailor our food preparation to meet the many dietary restrictions our students face.

Please click this link for a more detailed description of how we handle a variety of dietary restrictions. Within this blog post, we would like to highlight our handling of one popular food item which is an increasing allergen, peanuts.

Peanuts are a very common food allergy among our participants. In an effort to manage these allergies we deemed our campus a peanut free campus a few years back. We continued to research and learn about peanut allergies from research, our participants and parents.

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Why do we need Girls in STEM?

171111jk GirlsSTEM 072According to the National Education Association, “girls who learn in all-girl environments are believed to be more comfortable responding to questions and sharing their opinions in class and more likely to explore more ‘nontraditional’ subjects such as math, science, and technology.”

Our program consists of a variety of sessions each year dedicated to motivation, reflection, and action in STEM. Girls will be surrounded by female professionals in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Carolyn H. Garfein and Linda D. Hallman of the American Association of University Women write, “stereotypes can lower girls’ aspirations for science and engineering careers over time. ... To diversify the STEM fields we must take a hard look at the stereotypes and biases that still pervade our culture. Encouraging more girls and women to enter these vital fields will require careful attention to the environment in our classrooms and workplaces and throughout our culture."

Girls in STEM is designed to do just that. At KSS we want girls to grow up believing in their own abilities, asking tough questions, and competing in an ever-changing, dynamic and technology-driven marketplace. We believe that these girls are our future and Girls in STEM will help them build an incredible future for all of us.

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Capital Campaign Update: Building on Your Support

We are grateful to each of the donors who have made this project a reality! The loyalty from our community has fueled Keystone Science School's continued growth, making the move to new, improved facilities possible. With your support, we are working diligently to improve our staff team and instructor experience at KSS, helping to retain the excellent employees who impact over 7,800 youth and adults each year.

July 2018
KSS Capital Campaign Update
November 2018
cc update 11 18 2

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Push Outside Your Comfort Zone

Keystone Science School has a variety of summer camp options including day, overnight, and adventure programs. Parents and campers can choose from over 30+ programs which can help campers learn to push outside their comfort zone. Registration opens on November 12th at 10 AM! Sign up between November 12-19th and receive a 10% early bird discount.

kss adventure camp summer

We strive to create safe spaces for our campers to push their limits and step outside their comfort zone. Trying new activities such as hiking, rafting, or rock climbing is not just recreation but is a lifelong lesson in pushing comfort zones which can allow our campers to build more confidence and self-esteem. It’s skills such as these which can be transferred to other aspects in their life. At the close of each program we survey our campers. Two of our proudest results is that 88% of our Day Campers reported that they tried an activity they didn’t think they could do and 82% of Discovery Campers reported that they went out of their comfort zone.

We train our staff to acknowledge the fears of our campers and allow them to make up their mind about when they want to challenge themselves. In the camping world this is commonly known as “challenge by choice.” This is an important concept which allows a child to understand that they can achieve their goals whenever they choose to push themselves.

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