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Lodging & Meeting Spaces

Keystone Science School is located in Keystone, Colorado just 8 miles from I-70 and about an hour from Denver International Airport. Our campus hosts two dorms, a full-service dining hall, and several large and small meeting spaces with full audio-video capability.

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    Bighorn & Henry Dorms

    KSS hosts 2 identical dorms each with 38 beds. Each dorm is fully winterized with central air, large bathrooms, and bunk style of beds. Beds include think mattresses, full WiFi, and plenty of outlets to charge small electronic devices.

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    Rives Dining Hall

    This is our largest indoor space which serves as our dining hall and doubles as our largest indoor meeting space with a capacity of 95. Rives is complete with square movable tables and benches so that you can seat your participants in small groups or auditorium style of seating.

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    Meeting Spaces

    Choose from 4 separate indoor meeting spaces accommodating 10-45 people. All spaces include movable tables and chairs and full audio-video capability.

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    Outdoor Spaces

    Depending on the season you can spend all your time outside in one of our many locations which include 2 outdoor amphitheaters, several fire pit locations, and large shade structure with comfortable picnic tables.


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