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Our Team

Ian McCluskie
Ian McCluskie
Camp Program Manager

Ian grew up in Summit County and fell in love with the outdoors early in life. Ian started working at the Keystone Science School after graduating from high school and continued working in the Summer Camp program throughout college. Ian graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies and started working for the Keystone Science School full time. Ian has held 9 different positions at KSS and worked in almost every program. Besides outdoor adventures, Ian’s other passions include hockey (Go Avs!), sports, and travel.   

How Ian Defines Science. Adventure. FUN!


  • Watching kids have that “ah-ha!” moment and find that science isn’t something that has to be done in a classroom, but can be fun and can be done everywhere!
  • Exploring the world around us with curiosity. Why is the world the way it is? 
  • Passing on the love for the outdoors to a younger generation so that the wilderness stays wild for many years to come. 


  • Getting kids out of their comfort zones to try and experience new kids.
  • Traveling by plane, train, car, boat, hiking boots, canoe, raft, stand-up paddleboard, ice skates, rock climbing, bus, van, or slip and slide to a new place or experience. 
  • Getting away from the “connectedness” of the world today.


  • Helping kids find the “magic” of camp and the outdoors
  • Being outside! 
  • Hockey, Hockey, and Hockey
  • Being a positive and enthusiastic role model always willing to go the extra mile (sometimes literally) for a kid to have a life-changing experience.