Our Team

Logan Maclean
Logan Maclean
Adventure Programs and Safety Manager

Native to the windy state of Wyoming, Logan grew up in a community that values recreation and the stewardship of natural resources. The state’s open space created a passion for him to pursue conservation work and outdoor education while he completed a B.S. in Rangeland Ecology and Watershed Management from the University of Wyoming. Joining NOLS in 2010, Logan split his time working Expedition and Wilderness Medicine courses throughout the Rocky Mountains. During those 9 years, he learned the impact of wild places on youth and the importance of adventure and fun. Logan is excited to join the KSS team by supporting adventure program staff and students while establishing roots in Summit County. He can often be found biking, skiing in the backcountry, sewing outdoor gear, cooking new recipes, or grumbling about mud season.

How Logan defines Science. Adventure. Fun!

Science- Is the foundation for fantastic jokes: Did you hear the one about the cyanobacteria and fungi that took a Lichen to one another?

Adventure- Is the cycle of stepping beyond your comfort zone, beyond perceived boundaries, into the unknown. When the unknown becomes a comfort zone, repeat.

Fun- Starts by learning to laugh at yourself and remembering that fun is always better when shared.