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Summer Adventure: San Juans Multisport

Summer Adventure: San Juans Multisport

location icon Uncompahgre National Forest, Colorado

July 10-21
12 Days
Grades Entering

The San Juan Mountain range of southern Colorado is home to some of the tallest and most prominent peaks in our state. On this 12-day trip you will hone your backcountry living skills in the Uncompahgre National Forest on a 5-day challenging backpacking trip. After your time in the wilderness the remainder of your trip will be an introduction to technical rock climbing skills and techniques. As you hone your skills you will be able to challenge yourself on more difficult climbs and test your limits. This trip will wrap up with rafting through the world famous Brown’s Canyon National Monument.

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Activities & Skills

Rock Climbing


backpacking icon Backpacking

This 5-day backpacking trip through the Uncompahgre National Forest is more challenging than most of our other Adventure hikes. Backpacking involves carrying everything needed on your back— including clothes, tent, sleeping bag, and food-- to thrive for multiple days in the wilderness. The challenge is felt literally on your shoulders, while the reward of cooking in the backcountry with your friends, sleeping in your tent with the sounds of nature, and getting away from modern amenities is immeasurable.

Rock Climbing


climb icon Climbing

Rock climbing is the art or moving up or along natural rock formations with the use of specialized gear. It can be both physically and mentally demanding as it requires both endurance and agility to overcome the obstacles and puzzles that the climbing path presents. With safety systems in place, rock climbing is a fun and rewarding sport that is as difficult as you want it to be, and as safe as any other outdoor activity.

Rock Climbing


raft icon Rafting

We will be rafting throught the Upper Brown's Canyon, in the Brown's Canyon National Monument. The thrill of exploration can be felt as the group paddles the river together. With the help and direction of professional guides, a group navigates the moving water in an inflatable raft— usually around 6 to a group. Depending on the age of the participants and amount of spring runoff, we will choose different sections of river.


First & Last Day

On the first day we'll meet at Keystone Science School's campus, get checked in and meet the rest of our group at the Trip Briefing. We'll go over our gear list and make sure our packs are ready. Then we'll load up the van and head to our Adventure location, usually an hour or more of travel. Once we get to our location, we'll learn some of the basics of the activities to follow, like gear, basic climbing systems or river safety. Then we'll cook dinner and have our first Evening Meeting as we get to know each other.
On the final day after activities are done, we'll head back to KSS, and have our Pin Ceremony where we award campers for their acheivements.


Schedule and duration of activities are subject to change.

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Backpacking or Basecamping?

basecamping icon This Adventure Utilizes Both Backpacking and Basecamping

This Adventure begins witha 5-day backpacking trip - carrying everything needed on your back— including clothes, tent, sleeping bag, and food-- to thrive for multiple days in the wilderness. For the remainder of the trip you will basecamp at different campgrounds in the San Juans as the group sets off for our climbing and rafting days. Read our blog on maintaining proper backcountry hygiene here.

From Parents

Words of camper parents from our 2022 Adventure programs.

"My kid looks forward to this every year! It is so important for her to get out of her usual routine and meet new people and get a chance to be on her own."

"KSS is important to give my son experiences in nature and in new areas of the state."

"No phones. Dedicated time to focus on self. Reminders about gratitude. Getting in touch with nature. The counselors are strong, sweet, great role models."

"We love KSS. The growth our kids have each summer is priceless. Thank you for all the hard work, planning and everything (heart) that goes into what you do!"

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