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Summer Adventure: Tents to Trails

Summer Adventure: Tents to Trails

location icon Colorado National Monument & Keystone, Colorado

July 17-28
12 Days
Grades Entering:

This Adventure program at KSS blends the best of both worlds. In this 12-day program you get to experience the magic of our traditional Discovery Overnight Camp and the thrill of adventure. You will spend your first week on our KSS campus in Snake River Village and experience all of the fun of our traditional Discovery Camp. When the other Discovery campers head home, you will leave campus and hit the trails to spend the week exploring rock climbing and canyoneering in the Colorado National Monument before setting out on a canoe trip on the Colorado River.

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Activities & Skills



canyoneering icon Discovery Camp

The first week will be spent in Discovery camp, at the Keystone Science School campus.



canyoneering icon Canyoneering

Canyoneering is equal parts hiking, climbing, geology lesson, and navigation challenge. The red rock desert landscape presents unique challenges and breathtaking experiences. Along the winding canyon paths, we will learn climbing and rappelling techniques, knot-tying skills, and learn to interpret the difficult terrain with a map and compass — all while feeling connected to the prehistoric past of this environment.

Rock Climbing


climb icon Climbing

Rock climbing is the art or moving up or along natural rock formations with the use of specialized gear. It can be both physically and mentally demanding as it requires both endurance and agility to overcome the obstacles and puzzles that the climbing path presents. With safety systems in place, rock climbing is a fun and rewarding sport that is as difficult as you want it to be, and as safe as any other outdoor activity.

camp2023 adventureskills backpack


canoe icon Canoeing

Canoeing involves sitting upright in a narrow open boat while navigating the water with a single ore. We will learn to interpret the river current, practice paddling skills and beach our craft to explore secluded wilderness areas inaccessible by other means. One can’t help but feel like an explorer while drifting down the river, gazing upon wildlife, and basking in the sounds and smells of the nature around us.


Schedule and duration of activities are subject to change.

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Backpacking or Basecamping?

basecamping icon This Adventure Utilizes Backpacking and Basecamping

You will stay in the canvas tents of Snake River Village at KSS for the first week of Discovery Camp. During this first week, you will backpack in the mountains during the Tuesday Wilderness Overnight trip. For the second week of adventure, you will be basecamping for the climbing and canyoneering days.

From Parents

Words of camper parents from our 2022 Adventure programs.

"My kid looks forward to this every year! It is so important for her to get out of her usual routine and meet new people and get a chance to be on her own."

"KSS is important to give my son experiences in nature and in new areas of the state."

"No phones. Dedicated time to focus on self. Reminders about gratitude. Getting in touch with nature. The counselors are strong, sweet, great role models."

"We love KSS. The growth our kids have each summer is priceless. Thank you for all the hard work, planning and everything (heart) that goes into what you do!"

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