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Overnight School Field Trip Challenges

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Keystone Science School loves teaching environmental and outdoor education programs. It is our goal to make sure that every student has the opportunity to experience a unique field-based science program. We understand that organizing an overnight field trip is never an easy task for a teacher, administrator, or parent volunteer. We also understand that sometimes there are several barriers when organizing an overnight outdoor education program. The most common barriers expressed by teachers are the loss of class time, budget, and the logistics involved.

It’s our goal to knock down all barriers so that we can bring every school that wishes to provide an overnight field trip experience to their students, in the unique environment of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Below are just some ways that we can continue partnering with schools, so that every student can experience a high impact science field trip. Please call us or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let's start chatting about how we can help eliminate all barriers and get your school on an overnight field trip with Keystone Science school.

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The Purpose of a Campfire


Don’t forget to sign up for one of the best camps in Colorado! We pride ourselves in the fusion of Science, Adventure, and Fun! Your child will learn about a variety of sciences all while gaining independence and confidence.

At Keystone Science School, we believe that every child deserves camp. Everything we do at summer camp is carefully planned and executed in the creation of life changing experiences. A perfect example of this is our opening campfire. On the first night of every overnight camp session, we host a campfire with the typical repeat-after-me songs, counselor skits, and of course s’mores! As an outside observer, you might think that it’s just complete silliness and has no purpose. The reality is that the opening campfire is very structured and has many goals. Of all the structured goals the central theme is friendship.

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How the Keystone Science School Gave Me Purpose

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At times I stir awake at night thinking about how small I am in the world. Just one person out of 7 billion, pretty darn tiny. So I think to myself, why am I really here? How could I have some purpose here when there are 7 billion other people just as good?

Then I remind myself about camp, the Keystone Science School. Somehow, within just the 23 acres of the campus in this huge world, I seem to have found a purpose. Camp has taught me that there is a reason I am here and that I have the power to make a difference. 

I was just 8 years old when I first drove down the then-bumpy Soda Ridge Road. I was incredibly nervous and was already eager for this week without my mom and dad to be over. So, the week went by and like any sappy story about summer camp, I did not want to leave when the week came to an end.

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Colorado Summer Camp: A Lesson in Decision Making

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Keystone Science School wants to make our summer camp program accessible to everyone. In this spirit, we have a financial aid program called our Campership program. We are currently seeking campership applications from those interested in receiving financial aid for the Summer of Imagination. Please share this information with your friends and apply for our campership program.

Keystone Science School is well known for our summer camp program called Discovery Camp. At Discovery Camp, campers sing, make new friends, and have lots of outdoor adventures. A large part of Discovery Camp is teaching campers skills of independence. Campers are always looked after, but they are also challenged and required to make decisions that encourage independence. Sometimes it’s a simple decision of packing their backpack all by themselves for an overnight camping experience. While this might seem like a simple task this can often be challenging to decide between a lightweight flashlight or a heavier flashlight with much more power.  Once the camper is on their overnight backpacking trip, they begin to learn about the impact of their choices. Would it have been better to pack the lightweight flashlight or maybe that extra pair of socks? These camp experiences are what shape campers into future leaders and critical thinkers.

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Is it possible to scuba dive through the Roberts Tunnel?

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Keystone Science School has a great partnership with Denver Water, Aurora Water and Colorado River District. They are a strong supporter of the H2O Outdoors program which is a free overnight program for any high school student living in Colorado. Along with supporting the H2O Outdoors program our partners have provided several trainings for our staff. In a recent training the instructors asked Matt Bond, Youth Education Program Manager for Denver Water, would it be possible to scuba dive and survive a swim through the Roberts Tunnel, a 23-mile trans-mountain diversion which travels 23 miles connecting the Dillon Reservoir to the South Platte River? There’s are a ton of variables and the sheer pressure of water and rock would be the main concern. Matts answer is below and please DO NOT ATTEMPT!

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