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Are You Ready for Your Odyssey?

KSS Science Adventure Fun

It’s 70 degrees and sunny here in Keystone, Colorado. As the weather finally turns warmer and the mountains suddenly turn from brown to green, we’re getting excited for our Summer of Odyssey! Spring is a season of transition, reflection, and preparation. A time when we think back on our summer adventures of the past and use those experiences, good and bad, to steer our way to new adventures.

Last summer one KSS counselor assistant wrote an incredibly eloquent blog post reflecting on her summer adventures at KSS. This is a truly beautiful account of one girl’s journey and the life-affirming lessons she learned along the way. Give yourself ten minutes today to read Anne’s story and I promise you won’t regret a single second of it.

At KSS, you mostly learn things about yourself that you couldn’t learn otherwise. It provides you with the circumstances to gain experience…that, “live and learn,” that everyone always talks about. The things you do and the activities you partake in throughout the six days act as a catalyst for change in self-knowledge, character, and emotion; they allow one to learn to persevere and to conquer fear in its every form. Every year I go to KSS, I go in expecting to learn something new, and I’m always surprised at how profound it turns out to be when reflecting back.

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