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Reflecting on Summer Camp at KSS

summer camp colorado

July 2012- The Summer of Discovery. It was the very first Discovery Deluxe session in the history of Keystone Science School. Let's just say it was EPIC. Being the first deluxe session meant that the next two weeks would be a mystery to all campers, new and returning. The anticipation of the events to come, excited every camper, and with the unfolding of each event, the excitement continued to grow. The week started off like any other discovery session with the discovery hike on the first day.

For me, it seemed like any other camp session that I loved and looked forward to year after year. However, once Friday arrived and all the "normal" discovery activities had been completed, we realized that there was still a week left of camp. This meant there was a week full of mystery activities to be enjoyed in our future.

The unveiling of what would become my favorite time at camp was more than incredible. CLAW, short for Camp Legends And Warriors, is discovery deluxe tradition that originated during this first year. This color war event was the perfect mix of Science. Adventure. and Fun! that brought us all together. While I could go on forever about just how amazing that first year of deluxe was, I want to leave the rest to you. Being my last year as a CAP (Counselor Assistant Program), I have some advice for all lovers of Science. Adventure. and Fun!.. TRY SOMETHING NEW. Whether that means trying Discovery Camp, signing up for the 12-day Discovery Deluxe session, or trying a session of KMA (Keystone Mountain Adventures), branch out. As a camper who has tried all of these, each one was an amazing experience that made me love KSS even more. I hope you have a fantastic summer!

Written by Camp Leadership Board Member, Gaby Brown