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Top Reasons To Come To Summer Camp At Keystone Science School

color war summer camp keystone science school

Hot Pink Gorilla and Grape Ape sightings
Captain Zero saves the day
Making new friends
Accomplishing challenge hikes
Lifelong memories
Sharing a moment at Candle or Snack Chat
Fun science experiments
Sliming your counselors
Winning the CLAW games
Saving campus from zombies during Campocalypse
Performing your talent in the camper talent show
So many different programs to choose from
Rafting the Arkansas River
Looking through a 14-inch reflecting telescope
Singing songs at the campfire
Filling up your bead necklace
Getting to become a Counselor Assistant
Choosing your own activity at Camper Choice
Building an entire chipmunk village

top pink gorilla sighting hpg keystone science school