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Training to Inspire

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All teachers work hard to prepare lesson plans that will help their students achieve academic success. What makes a teacher an educator is the ability to not only teach, but to inspire his or her students. They inspire a love of a learning, a desire to work as a team, and the self-confidence to ask tough questions and seek real solutions. Key Issues Institute is called an Educator Program for a reason. The frameworks we've developed, the lessons we share, and the attitude we foster turns teachers into educators. 

Our latest group came to us from all across the US with very different backgrounds and specialities, but they all shared the same eagerness to learn new skills, reinvigorate their teaching, and learn from one another. They came ready to learn and they left inspired. We have no doubt that every one of them will spread that contagious inspiration in their own classrooms.

Read how one of our educators, Jennifer Coll, found her inspiration at Key Issues. 

Thank you to Duke Energy and all our sponsors for bringing Jennifer and many more amazing educators to Keystone Science School.