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What's the Difference Between Summit Day Camp and Day Camp on Campus?

Keystone Science School has been operating Summit Day Camp (formerly known as Summer CATCH Camp) for over 10 years. The program is exclusive to the students of Summit School District and is offered on a sliding fee scale thanks to a wide variety of funders including individual donors, foundations, and local government. Over the years, KSS has worked hard to align the Summit Day Camp with the Day Camp held on the KSS Campus. Below includes some of the similarities and differences of Summit Day Camp and KSS Campus Day Camp.

What’s the same?

Sense of Community - Campers will form the same camp friendships and bonding experiences as our KSS Campus.

Activities - Our campers participate in all of the same types of outdoor activities as our on-campus day camp, including day hikes, field trips, and guest speakers related to each week’s theme.

Weekly Themes and Curriculum - Each session of Summit Day Camp follows the same themes and curriculum as the on-campus location.

Same Instructors - Instructors rotate through the the day camp program held on KSS campus and Summit Day Camp to provide the same exceptional camp experience. All instructors have the same qualifications, training, and previous childcare experience.

What’s Different?

Location - Summit Day Camp is located at Silverthorne Elementary, but don’t fret! It’s not summer school. We prioritize being outside and gaining the same outdoor experiences as our KSS Campus

Some Activities - Though almost all activities are the same, we currently do not offer archery or Fishing at the Summit Day Camp Location

Bus Stops - The summit school district will provide multiple bus stop locations for Summit Day Camp pickup and drop off. There is one bus stop location for the KSS Campus location

Campers - Campers at Summit Day camp will be from all of the Summit School District Schools, giving them an opportunity to socialize and maintain friendships outside of camp. In addition, they will know each other when they reach middle school.

Regardless of what program you choose, your camper will experience the full Magic of KSS!