Day Camp Counselor Assistant

The Day Camp Counselor Assistant Program offers teens the opportunity to serve as role models, develop as leaders, and make a difference in the lives of others. CAPs assist with activity implementation, group management, and experience what being a leader at camp is all about.


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Session Dates & Rates

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 DatesWeek/Day RateDetails
Session 1 6/8-6/12 $384/$89 Gems, Minerals, and Rock & Roll! We will build foundations of earth science and learn about the rock cycle in our amazing natural classroom. We’ll get out for a day of rock climbing and have our very own camp Gold Rush! Don’t take this session for granite...
Session 2 6/15-6/19 $384/$89 Yo Ho Ho! Aquatic Life for Me! Learn about the importance of our watershed and our impact on it while rafting, fishing, swimming, and designing miniature boats to float in the river. Avast, ye’ campers!
Session 3 6/22-6/26 $384/$89 Super STEM-etry It’s time for science experiments to test the fundamental forces of gravity, inertia, centripetal force, and test our new knowledge with laser tag and a frisbee golf tournament. The National Repertory Orchestra will also be at camp to share the energy of their music and instruments.
Session 4 6/29-7/1 $229/$89 HPG, Ya-You Know Me! We will use the scientific process to test recent reports of a hot pink gorilla on campus. What clues will we find? What evidence will we uncover? The sheriff’s department will be at camp to share some tools and methods for this investigation. The game is a(big)foot!
Session 5 7/6-7/10 $384/$89 Propeller to the Interstellar We will take one small step into understanding our solar system, and one giant leap into space exploration with our solar telescope, rocket testing, space invaders game, and a visit to Denver Museum of Nature and Science planetarium and space exhibit. It’ll be outta this world!
Session 6 7/13-7/17 $384/$89 Adventure Week The trails are calling, and we must go. We will explore the beautiful alpine environment by foot and zip line while channeling our inner naturalists–learning about the essential elements of life and LNT principles. It’s survival of the funnest!
Session 7 7/20-7/24 $384/$89 Magical Che-Mystery Tour Abracadabra, alakazam, let’s make crystals form before our very eyes! We’ll be doing experiments around chemical interactions and learning basics about elements. It’s time to solve the che-mysteries of the universe.
Session 8 7/27-7/31 $384/$89 Prehistoric Shin-DIG! We will explore adaptations and the relationship between plants, animals, and the environment as we journey into the prehistoric past of the Rocky Mountains. Camp will come alive through archeological exploration of dinosaurs and fossils. We’ll also visit the Prehistoric Journey Exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. It’s Jurrasic Camp!
Session 9 8/3-8/7 $384/$89 Superhero Week We will meet and learn from the real superheroes all around our community-Firefighters, Police, and Search & Rescue and learn how to “save the world” by investigating our environment and how to affect change. We’ll also learn the superpower of flight at iFly. Campers Assemble!
Session 10 8/10-8/14 $384/$89 Celebration of Courage Take a little bit of space week, sprinkle in some pirates, a dash of superheroes and you’ve got an end of summer celebration of all things camp. Last chance to get camp-y before school starts up again.

Sample Schedule

Discovery Day

Get oriented to day camp and then go for a Discovery hike with lunch on the trail.

Community Day

Guest presentation or local field trip followed by large group games.

Adventure Day

Campers prepare for the great adventure of the day. *Optional overnight with campfire and night programs.

Station Exploration

Dress up in costume, hot lunch picnic, Family night!

Choose Your Own Adventure

Hiking, Fishing, or Archery? Arts & Crafts or Field Games?

Keystone Science School is American Camp Association Accredited

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