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2021 Summer Discovery Adventures

For Campers Entering Grades 6-8 (One Session *4-6)

Discovery Adventures are a hybrid of our traditional Discovery Camp and our Expeditions. We adapt our camp spirit for 'on-the-road' adventures while developing outdoor living and leadership skills. We will be base-camping in small groups in exciting locations across Colorado and keeping the adventure alive with challenge hikes, adventure days, and more.


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  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-05
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  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-21
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-22
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-23
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-24
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-25
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-26
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-27
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-28
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-29
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-30
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-31
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-32
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-33
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-34
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-35
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-36
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-37
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-38
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-39
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-40
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-41
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-42
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-43
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-44
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-45
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-46
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-47
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-48
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-49
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-50
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-51
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-52
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-53
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-54
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-55
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-56
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-57
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-58
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-59
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-60
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-61
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-62
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-63
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-64
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-65
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-66
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-67
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-68
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-69
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-70
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-71
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-72
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-73
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-74
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-75
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-76
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-77
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-78
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-79
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-80
  • 2021-Colorado-Camp-Discovery-Adventure-81

Dates, Rates & Description

Enroll & Access Account
Session 1 June 7 to 12 $1,099
Session 2 Filling Fast June 14 to 19 $1,199
Session 3 Filling Fast June 21 to 26 $1,199
Session 4 Waitlist Only June 28 to July 3 $1,199
Session 5a
*Grades 4-6
July 7 to 10 $699
Session 5b
July 7 to 10 $529
Session 6 Waitlist Only July 12 to 17 $1,249
Session 7 July 19 to 24 $1,249
Session 8 July 26 to 31 $1,249
Session 9 Filling Fast August 2 to 7 $1,199
Session 10 Filling Fast August 9 to 14 $1,099
What is Base Camping?

Base camping refers to when we are sleeping in an established campground next to or near our van. Base camping allows us to set up tents and a semi-permanent kitchen in one location which serves as a jumping-off point for multiple adventure activities. When we are base camping, we are only carrying with us what we need for a day’s adventure. Base camping often means access to pit toilets or even bathrooms with running potable water. Campers will sleep in tents in small single-gender groups depending on the size of the tent. We will do our best to accommodate tent-mate requests, but we can not guarantee them.


Campers will eat a hot breakfast and dinner prepared by KSS staff at the campsite. We will typically pack lunches in the morning and enjoy our lunch out on our adventures. We will provide ingredients to meet the needs of any dietary restriction noted in registration paperwork.

Our Staff

All of our Discovery Adventures staff go through comprehensive camp training in order to deliver safe and exceptional programs. All Discovery Adventures, have been background checked, hold a Wilderness First Aid certification at minimum, and have gone through extensive risk management training.

Sample Schedule

  • Monday
    Welcome to Adventure

    Get oriented to Adventures, get to know your group, and become familiar with your outdoor home for the week. Campers will bond with team-building games and engaging activities.

  • Tuesday
    Climbing Day

    Learn one of our favorite outdoor recreational activities with a day up on the rocks. We partner with professional rock climbing guides to learn, develop, and practice skills for any level of climber.

  • Wednesday
    Earth Trek Day

    Today is all about learning! We will start with an environmental stewardship project and then enjoy a day hike learning all about the natural world.

  • Thursday
    Kayaking Day

    Start the day by kayaking out on our beautiful reservoir, Lake Dillon. The afternoon will consist of fun and challenging leadership activities in the outdoors.

  • Friday
    Challenge Hike

    Campers will push themselves outside of their comfort zones on difficult hikes in beautiful locations in Summit County.

  • Saturday

    Campers will say goodbye to the new friends they have made on their adventures, and take what they have learned back to their everyday lives.


Campers earn beads for everything they do at camp, this way campers leave with a necklace full of achievements and memories.


Our campfires are all about coming together with songs, skits, and s’mores to get campers excited and comfortable on their first night of camp.

Earth Trek

Earth Treks are all about exploring the natural world around us and diving into curriculum through fun experiments and activities.

Challenge Hike

Campers will push themselves outside of their comfort zones on difficult hikes in beautiful locations.

Candle Chat

We close every day at camp around the flame of a candle where we reflect on our days and form a safe community to have powerful conversations.

Talent Shows

Each session campers have the opportunity to show their skills in our end of the week talent show.

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Pick Up & Drop Off

Drop Off: 11am
Pick Up: 10am (I.D. Required)

Need Help Registering for Summer Adventures & Expeditions?

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