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Teen Leadership Camp


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Ages 14-17 

The Teen Leadership Camp (TLC) is a great way to stay connected to KSS Camp and be an important part of Camp's future. TLC is comprised of 15 teen leaders, ages 14 to 17, who will actively represent the KSS Summer Camp community and develop their leadership skills through various activities during the year.

Members will participate in three retreats that will strengthen their understanding of camp so that they can grow into stronger leaders and future counselors, give them a CPR and First Aid certification, and more.


Why Should I Participate in TLC?

  • Get 1st choice of summer programs (early bird registration for participating TLC members)
  • Opportunity to apply for a Counselor position once you’re 18
  • Build your résumé for college
  • Gain life-long leadership skills
  • Advise Camp staff on how to improve programming
  • Gain a CPR/First Aid certification


2018-2019 Retreats

Fall Retreat

When: September 14-16, 2018

Drop off: Friday, 5:00 pm

Pick up: Sunday, 1:00 pm

Wilder-skills galore! For the first TLC retreat, we will be going on a camping trip. Over the weekend your camper will learn all the tips and tricks that Keystone Science School camp counselors use on wilderness trips. Enjoy learning how to naturalize, teach a group basic outdoor skills, and get the details of how we keep kids safe in the backcountry.

Spring Retreat

When: April 12-14, 2019

Drop off: Friday, 5:00 pm

Pick up: Sunday, 1:00 pm

Get close with the Leadership team by hanging out 30ft above the ground. We will be participating in a high ropes challenge course! Test your limits, put your trust in your team, and learn how to problem solve during this fun activity. This weekend will be purely fun based. 

Camp is Coming!

When: May 17-19, 2019

Drop off: Friday, 5:00 pm

Pick up: Sunday, 1:00 pm

Counselors will be arriving for camp soon, and so will you! Learn how to lesson plan, teach, deal with homesickness, and resolve conflicts between campers. During this session, you will even receive your CPR/First Aid certification. This jam-packed weekend will give your camper transferable skills that they will be able to utilize in the future, not only at camp, but in many settings.