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COVID-19 Policies and Protocols

Last Modified: 5/13/22

Keystone Science School utilizes an experienced team to define and implement COVID-19 best practices, including our Child Care Health Consultant, CDPHE guidance, SCPH and the Program Team. The following are our policies and procedures for Summer 2022.



All Keystone Science School staff interacting with children are required to be up-to-date on COVID-19 vaccinations

We do not require campers or students to be vaccinated to attend programming.

If up-to-date on COVID-19 vaccinations, we ask for proof of vaccination to be uploaded to the forms section of the KSS Online Account.

Those who are up-to-date with vaccinations, but do not have uploaded proof, will follow policies of those who are not up-to-date.



We will not require masks for the duration of programming*

*Unless a student or camper tests positive for COVID-19 during Programming, or is a close contact in a public indoor space (See the below Covid-19 Health & Illness policy for details)



Discovery Camp & Adventure Programs

A completed Consent to Testing Form will be required for all campers or students to participate in programming

Click here for Consent to Testing Form

Participants who are not up-to-date on COVID-19 vaccinations will be required to test for COVID-19 using a rapid antigen test as part of the check-in process

  • Keystone Science School will provide rapid antigen tests and instruct parents or guardians on the administration of the test
  • Participants who are not up-to-date on vaccinations will not be permitted into programming without a negative test result
Summit Day Camp, Pathfinders, & Day Camp KSS Campus (Day Camps):
  • We strongly encourage a completed Consent to Testing Form to participate in programming. Campers without the form will be required to pick up their camper within 1 hour of being contacted by KSS. 
All Programs:

Should a camper or student develop symptoms of COVID-19, please see the below COVID-19 Health & illness section of this policy


COVID-19 Health & Illness Policy

Prior to Programming:

  • Prior to attending camp, parents/guardians are asked to monitor campers or students for symptoms of any illness and follow the How sick is too sick document for attendance
  • Should a family need to cancel due to illness, we will follow the Cancellation Policy

During Programming

During programing, if a camper or student develops symptoms of COVID-19, our staff will monitor the participant, and attempt to change the environment to improve symptoms.

If symptoms improve: The participant can return to programming following the How Sick is Too Sick guidelines, and the participant feels well enough to participate in regular activities.

If symptoms do not improve:

Discovery Camp & Adventure Programs: We will test the participant using a rapid antigen test. Due to the 24 hour logistics of programming, The consent to testing form is required for all campers in overnight programs so we are able to test at any times symptoms develop and do not resolve.

  • Negative Result: participant can return to programming if their symptoms are in line with the How Sick is Too Sick document
  • Positive Test Result: We will exclude the participant from programming as soon as it is safe and logistically possible to do so, and a parent/guardian will be required to pick-up the participant within 3 hours of being contacted.

Day Camps: We will test the participant with a rapid antigen test if a consent to test form is on file

If a Consent to Test form is not on file, we will ask the camper to be picked up within 1 hour, and follow the How Sick is Too Sick document to return to programming.


Confirmed Positive Case of COVID-19 During Programming for Discovery Camp and Adventure Programs

If a camper or student tests positive for COVID-19, we will assume all other residential campers at that location, are close contacts due to the structure of our program activities.

  • All campers or students at that location will quarantine as a program unit and the use of a mask is optional and is not required as all campers are assumed to be exposed.
    • Masks will be required if close contacts enter an indoor public space.
  • Program activities will resume as usual, and close contacts will not be required to be picked up from programming.
  • All parents/guardians of close contacts will be notified of the exposure via email and text as required by CDPHE and will contain information regarding symptoms, quarantine, and CDPHE guidelines for when participants complete the program.
  • All close contacts will be monitored closely for symptoms for the remaining duration of programming
    • We may choose to test close contacts as part of this policy
  • If there is an exposure incident, parents who are not up-to-date on their COVID-19 Vaccines are asked to wear masks or facial coverings for the end of program celebration.