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Get Ready for Your Program

Required To Complete


Upload the Following to your Active Account:

  • Immunization Records
  • Asthma Action Plan (Provided by Healthcare Professional if taking an inhaler for asthma)
  • Allergy Action Plan (Provided by a Healthcare Professional if carrying an epi-pen)
  • Seizure Action Plan (Provided by a Healthcare Professional if participant has seizures)
  • Medication Administration Permission Form (if bringing medications other than inhaler or epi-pen)

What To Bring

  • Packing List: Please note that participants are required to bring 2 facial coverings within this list.
  • Snack: Please supply your child with snacks even if KSS is providing a lunch.
  • Electronic device (Computer, tablet, etc.) with learning software already installed, power cable, and headphones to complete your home school’s virtual curriculum.
  • School Supplies the participant might need to execute their curriculum (Pen, pencils, paper, books, etc.)
  • Medications: If the participant is taking medications, please ensure they are in their original packaging and prescription medications have their original labels. A Medication Administration Permissions form will need to be completed for each medication and signed by a physician. We will not accept medications that do not have all of these.
  • Please pack lunches for the participant that do not require refrigeration.

What To Know

Students are not permitted to attend KSS programming if they have been instructed by any authority to quarantine or isolate, or are in an exclusionary period from another program.

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