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COVID-19 Policies and Protocols

Outdoor Education - Residential Programs

Last Modified: 9/28/2021

Keystone Science School utilizes an experienced team to define and implement COVID-19 best practices, including our Child Care Health Consultant, Program Team, and Safety Manager. In response to the pandemic, we track guidance from county, state, CDC, and health experts to inform our risk management during programming. The following COVID-19 policies and procedures are continually updated as cases and guidance change.

Full Covid-19 Risk Management Addendum



Before Coming to KSS

Keystone Science School has always viewed risk management as a partnership between our schools, guardians, participants, and staff. In this effort, it is important to keep those showing symptoms of illness at home. For our overnight programming, it is best to observe your child for illness at least 7 days before attending your program start date. All guardians will be asked to follow Colorado’s guidelines, Illness Policy - How Sick is Too Sick (PDF), when assessing their child’s ability to participate in programming. It is recommended that all students wear masks in the bus from their school when traveling to Keystone Science School.



While at Keystone Science School

We have adopted COVID-19 protocols into all aspects of our programming. Below is a list of our core practices:

Face Coverings - All KSS Staff, teachers, parent volunteers, and students will be required to wear a face covering or mask at all times while indoors and while in vans regardless of vaccination status.

  • Staff and children may take off their masks only in the following situations:
    When outdoors and physical distancing can be prioritized
    While eating or drinking
    While sleeping or:
    • While showering/brushing teeth/cleaning
    • When changing face covering
    • In a medical incident
    • As approved by KSS staff member or teacher chaperone in unique situations
  • Failure to wear face coverings at programming during the required times will result in exclusion from the program without a refund.

Physical Distancing - Throughout programming, we will be striving to maintain 6-feet of physical distance. This includes within the dorms, sleeping areas, and when dining. Please note that we are requiring only two students within each dorm.

Health Screening - All students are given a health screen upon arrival to Keystone Science School. The health screen consists of a verbal response to questions regarding each students’ current health and exposure to known COVID-19 individuals.

Hygiene - At the beginning of each program there will be a comprehensive lesson on handwashing and hygiene best practices. Our staff will continue to coach participants striving for high standards.

Cleaning and Sanitation - KSS has always prided itself on our disinfecting, cleaning, and sanitization practices. While we will continue to maintain these high standards, we have increased disinfection and sanitation frequency within all shared spaces and program supplies.

Food Service - KSS has removed all family-style meal services from programming. All meals will be served while maintaining 3-6 feet of physical distancing and will take place under outdoor tents when the weather allows.



Exclusion from Programming

If a student becomes symptomatic prior to programming, the individual will not be able to participate in the program. If a participant develops symptoms during programming, the participant will be isolated and monitored. If symptoms persist, then the participant will be excluded from programming, and KSS will immediately contact the student’s family with the options of consenting to a rapid molecular COVID-19 test or pick-up the participating student from Keystone Science School.