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Watersheds & Water Management

Students will explore the relationship between humans and water resources. Students will be able to observe and model how water falls as precipitation then flows into different basins. Students will then learn how humans use and strategically manage the limited available water in Colorado. Students will use this understanding to propose water conservation strategies. In the winter, students will dig snow pits and gather data to estimate the snow water equivalent, or how much water is contained in the snowpack.

Environmental Exploration

Students explore watersheds and water management through sensory-based activities, engaging games, and inquiry-based learning.


Environnmental Issue

Water Resource Management

Students explore where usable water comes from and how water resources are used in Colorado. Students study water management through the lens of a stakeholder. Acting as their stakeholder, students discuss the issues and come together at the end of the program for a "Town Hall Meeting" to open a dialogue, collaborate, and offer solutions. This program teaches students to collaborate as opposed to compete in order to accomplish a common goal, and discuss a challenging environmental issue facing their community.


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