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KSS Outdoor Education Program

Park County School District RE-2


We are thrilled to be a part of the Park County community and explore and learn with your students! Keystone Science School is excited to bring science, adventure and fun to south park through its partnership with Park County School District Re-2. KSS faculty provides place-based outdoor education, standards aligned curriculum to grades K-12.

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About the KSS Outdoor Education Program

Our elementary program enhances the K-5 science curriculum by incorporating hands-on activities, lessons focused on the Colorado region and outdoor exploration.

The middle school program provides an elective course option for grades 6-8. This course curriculum is designed to introduce students to their local ecosystems critically analyzing the role of humans in the local environment.

The high school program provides an elective course option for grades 9-12. In this course, students will focus on personal growth and cultivate leadership skills while learning about outdoor education themes.

Required Forms

This program will bring students on off-site Field Trips as part of the outdoor experience. All students must have a completed medical and liability form to participate in the KSS Outdoor Education Program with Park County School District

*All information collected will remain confidential and will be used for the purpose of programming

Meet the Instructor: Elizabeth Maysimage 004 4

Elizabeth’s journey in environmental education began earning Junior Ranger badges on road trips with her family across the west. Hailing originally from the prairie state, she left the tall grasses and great lakes of Illinois behind to study Biology at Colorado College. After dabbling in plant biology research, she pursued a career in environmental education. Elizabeth found a passion in teaching youth how to camp, canoe, and enjoy nature. Most recently she developed and led outdoor programming for all ages in Illinois. Elizabeth is excited to return to Colorado to create and teach curriculum for Keystone Science School as the Park County Outdoor Education Faculty!

Packing List for Field Trips

To prepare your student for field trips with Keystone Science School, you can follow the "day" portions of our packing list.

Packing List