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Adventure Field Trips

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  • Camping Overnight CO Monument 2

    Colorado National Monument

    Colorado National Monument is one of our more popular camping field trip locations. Learn about our curriculum options and activities for this Adventure Field Trip.
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    Rocky Mountain National Park

    Rocky Mountain National Park is the newest locations for our camping-based programs. It's only a short distance from Denver and is a great location to learn about Geology, Water Ecology, and Earth Science. 
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    Choose Your Own Adventure Trip

    Don't see a location that fits your class's needs? We can plan a trip to any location you are looking to explore. Reach out to our team and we can start planning your class's perfect Adventure Field Trip.
  • Rafting

    Basin Voyage

    Basin Voyage is a 5-day traveling program designed for middle and high school students.  The program takes students on an adventure exploring the Colorado River watershed and our precious resource - water! 
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    Colorado State Forest State Park

    A field trip to this mountainous environment allows students to sleep in tents or in cabins depending on size, season, and availability. 
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    Golden Gate State Park

    Golden Gate State Park has a very diverse eco-environment because of the high alpine aspect and foothills nearby. Students can study everything from Geology to Wildlife Biology.

Colorado National Monument

Rocky Mountain National Park

Choose your own destination!

Camping Overnight CO Monument 2
colorado school field trip
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Basin Voyage

Colorado State Forest Park

Golden Gate State Park

Colorado School Field Trip Colorado School Field Trip
Colorado School Field Trip

KSS On the Road programs are camping based field trips which are essentially the same great outdoor and environmental education programs as our typical overnight programs except students sleep in tents rather than in our dorms. As a teacher you are able choose not only the curriculum for your camping based field trip but also the location. You can choose the location based on proximity to your school or the Denver International Airport. You can also choose the location based on ecosystem you would like your students to explore during their outdoor education program. 


Depending on the location, students will either sleep in tents under the amazing Colorado sky or in rustic cabins. Do not worry about camping equipment, we will have everything your group will need to be safe and comfortable outside. The only extra gear students are required to bring is a sleeping pad and sleeping bag.


Keystone Science School trained staff prepares nutritious hot meals for breakfast and dinner each day. Students will eat meals in a designated dining area. Each meal will be prepared with student’s individual dietary restrictions in mind. Lunch will be a sack lunch which will be made by students themselves each morning

Call or email Dave Miller, Director of Education and Program Sustainability, to discuss the various program options.