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Keystone Science School strives to create a successful outdoor and environmental education experience for every student. We recognize that no school or student is the same which is why we work tirelessly to make every field trip a customized experience for each school or group who comes to KSS. Please review the Parent Information Packet linked below and our frequently asked questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you accommodate special dietary needs?

Yes! We pride ourselves on our ability to handle a wide variety of dietary restrictions. Food is incredibly important to every child whether it’s their nourishment or their safety. We make sure that every students gets enough nourishing food so that they can have a successful outdoor education experience. We are able to accommodate many specialty diets and food-related allergies. We are also able to support groups who request Kosher meals. For more specific questions about diet, food-related allergies or meal planning for your child’s field trip please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What are the accommodations like?

Your group will be staying in a dormitory on our 23-acre campus in Keystone, Colorado. The elevation here is 9,280 feet. Students, teachers, and chaperones all share our dorm facilities. We have two dorm buildings with eight student rooms containing two bunk beds per room. Each dorm has two bathrooms and individual showers.

Do you seperate boys and girls?

We strive to keep boys and girls in separate dorm buildings, but depending on group size that may not be possible. Ultimately, sleeping arrangements are determined by your school based on needs and preferences. When boys and girls share a dorm each gender is given their own wing of the dorm. Each wing is separated by a door and each individual dorm room has their own door for maximum privacy.

What is the teacher to student ratio?

We strive for a 2-to-10 ratio – one KSS field instructor and one teacher/chaperone for every eight students. We find that our small ratio is what helps to create an individualized outdoor education experience.

What if my child takes medication, hs food related allergies, or restrictions which may limit activity at KSS?

Every student will be asked to complete a Medical/Liability form, prior to their arrival at KSS. These forms must be completed for participation in any field trip. On that form there is a place to list all food-related allergies, medications the student is taking, and restrictions which may limit a student’s mobility in the field. All information on these forms are confidential between KSS staff so that we can understand each child’s needs which assists in any of our risk management practices.

Who are the instructors for my child's overnight field trip experience?

All KSS program instructors come with a great background in facilitating outdoor and environmental education experiences. Each instructor is trained and certified, at minimum, in Wilderness First Aid, but the majority have a certification in Wilderness First Responder. KSS Program Instructors are also trained in behavioral management, education practices, and current risk management protocols.

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We’re always happy to help plan your next outdoor education experience to ensure that your students have the best overnight field trip of their lives! Should you have questions about any step of the process, or associated paperwork, please contact us.

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