Earth Science

Students will learn about the history of the Rocky Mountains and how the landscape was formed. Depending on the age of students and goals of the teacher, students can study rock and mineral identification, plate tectonics, or weathering and erosion. Throughout their exploration students will also gain an understanding about how earth science and geology play into the rich mining history which helped shape the Colorado economy.

Download the Earth Science curriculum map.


Teachers can prioritize the following content areas:

  • Colorado Mining
  • Geologic History of the Colorado Rockies
  • Landforms and Weathering Processes
  • Plate Tectonics
  • Rocks and Minerals

Colorado Field Trip School

Environmental Issue

Mining and Water Quality

Mining has been an economic driver in the state of Colorado both in the past and present. Historical mining practices have left many Colorado streams with poor water quality.  Students will learn about water quality improvement strategies and collaboratively determine policy recommendations for covering the costs of river and stream restoration. Download the Mining & Water Quality Curriculum Map.