Forest Ecology

An in-depth study of local Colorado ecosystems, students explore wildlife and plant ecology, adaptations, tracks and signs, and the complex system by which all things in an ecosystem are connected.

Forest ecology can be chosen any time throughout the year. During the winter months, a special focus will be placed on adaptations utilized by plants and animals for survival within the harsh winter conditions. 

Download the Forest Ecology Curriculum Map.


Teachers can prioritize the following content areas.

  • Colorado Life Zones
  • Ecological Food Webs & Chains
  • Fire Ecology
  • Human Impacts on forest Ecosystems
  • Plant Ecology
  • Wildlife Ecology


Students will learn about the scientific process through a forest ecology-based research project. Students create their own scientific question and collect data points through the completion of a forest plot survey.

Colorado Field Trip School

Environmental Issue

Forest Health

Students will study the relationship of humans and the forest through the study of forest management techniques. Our Forest Health Environmental Issue provides students with background information before asking them to formulate their own forest management policy recommendations.