Snow Science

Snow Science is the study of the physics of snow and how it changes over time (snow metamorphosis). We travel through safe winter terrain on cross-country skis or snowshoes, introducing students to the mountain winter environment. Students dig snow pits and use scientific tools to make observations about the snow, collect data, and learn about avalanche dynamics and watersheds.

Download the Snow Science Curriculum Map.


Teachers can prioritize the following content areas:

  • Avalanche Dynamics
  • Snow Metamorphosis
  • Water Cycle
  • Watersheds


Students can also learn about the scientific process through a snow science research project. Students will dig snow pits collecting information about the layers of the snow, temperatures within different depths within the snow pit, and many other data points.

Colorado Field Trip School

Environmental Issue

Colorado Water Management

Students can study the relationship of humans and water quantity. The majority of consumable water in Colorado is held as snow high in the mountains. Students will learn how water quantity is measured along with water management practices such as trans-mountain diversions, water storage through reservoirs, and the reasons behind conservation measures. At the close of the program, students will determine their own policy recommendations for how water should be managed.