A group of day campers pets a local avalanche patrol dog

A Keystone of Our Community: Summit Day Camp


The heart of Keystone Science School lies in being a part of our community. We strive for ways to better support our local families, and our biggest contribution is Summit Day Camp. This program serves not just as a place for fun and learning but as a crucial support system for families, especially those in need. This need within our community cannot be overstated, and this day camp addresses multiple family essentials, from affordable childcare and educational enrichment to a newfound excitement and fun in exploring the outdoors.

Affordable and Accessible Childcare

One of the most significant challenges facing our families is finding affordable, reliable childcare, especially during the summer when school is out. Summit Day Camp has stepped in to fulfill this need, offering discounted day camp rates for local students in the Summit School District on a sliding fee scale. This initiative ensures that our local campers have an opportunity to have an amazing summer experience and this program embodies the camp’s commitment to inclusivity. Over 40% of families have benefited from significantly reduced fees, thanks to income-based student qualifications like Free and Reduced Lunch or Child Health Plan+. This effort to make the camp accessible to as many children as possible is a testament to our community’s values of support and equity.

A Haven for Working Families

For many parents, the summer presents a daunting challenge: how to ensure their children are safe, engaged, and cared for while they work. Summit Day Camp answers this call, providing a reliable and engaging environment for children. Parents can work while being assured their children are not only looked after but are also enjoying exploring, trying new things, and forging lifelong friendships. This security is invaluable, as one parent aptly put it, the program offers “a peace of mind knowing that my son is experiencing a great time in the outdoors, learning and making new friends … while I’m working.” Though not able to accommodate the entire SSD student body, this impact is felt by a large number of our local families – last summer, 156 Summit School District students attended Summit Day Camp, and 37 SSD students participated in the Pathfinders programs.

Educational Enrichment Through Fun

Beyond just childcare, Summit Day Camp offers an educational summer program that keeps students engaged in learning even during the break between school years. The camp skillfully blends fun camp and adventure activities with science , educational field trips, and presentations from local organizations and museums. This captivating blend ensures that children are not only entertained but also absorbing valuable knowledge and experiences that will serve them well beyond the summer.

Gratitude to Our Supporters

The success and impact of Summit Day Camp could not be realized without the generous support of our donors and community partners. Their dedication and generosity have made this essential program a reality, providing countless children with opportunities that enhance their summer and change their lives. Our community owes a debt of gratitude to these supporters, whose contributions have made a world of difference.

A Pillar of Our Community

Summit Day Camp stands as a pillar of our community, exemplifying what we can achieve when we come together to support one another. It offers more than just a summer program; it provides a foundation for growth, learning, and community support that enhances children’s lives and, by extension, our future. As we look forward to another summer of fun, learning, and community at Summit Day Camp, let us remember and celebrate the importance of this program in our lives and our community.

Thank you to all who help fund our Summit Day Camp!