Students run through the forest in snowshoes during a field trip.

Day Field Trips


Day field trips

We offer a variety of day field trip programs for those schools who are unable to participate in an overnight experience. Each day program is based on the school’s goals for the individual program. We host our day programs at Keystone Science School campus and selected locations throughout Colorado.

9:00amArrival & Orientation
9:30am – 3:00pmField Day
Campers playing games on the sod field

Our Location

Keystone Science School Campus

At an elevation of 9,200 feet, Keystone Science School’s campus is nestled in Colorado’s Snake River Valley. The 23-acre campus is built on the site of the Old Keystone Village, a former railroad and sawmill site, which supported silver and gold mining. Today, majestic mountain ranges provide a dynamic setting for learning.
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Our campus facilities include dining hall, indoor teaching spaces, outdoor amphitheater and more.

Curriculum Options

Each of our programs contain elements of environmental science, social-emotional learning, community building, and outdoor experience. We have 6 curriculum topics to choose from.

  • Aquatic Ecology
  • Geology
  • Winter Ecology & Adaptations
  • Watersheds &Water Management
  • Forest Ecology
  • Snow & Avalanche Science

Teacher Resources

Learn all that you need to know about preparing for a KSS program.

Financial Aid

KSS provides discounts to schools for the traditional two-night, three-day overnight programs. This based on need and are distributed to schools allowing them to distribute scholarships to students on an as-needed basis.

What’s Included?

Students only need to arrive with their day bag, lunch, and layers. We will provide instruction and activities for the day.

In the words of teachers:

“KSS embodies science, adventure and fun! High quality programs and science concepts taught in fun, inventive ways.”

– Logan School