2024 Summer Camp Registration Opens January 10th, 2024


_5th-12th grades______


Spend 6 to 12 days in the Colorado backcountry with other teens!

Our field-based Adventures are focused on the development of outdoor skills and leadership while exploring Colorado’s stunning parks, monuments, and most scenic natural environments by foot, on rope, or watercraft.

Students on this expedition should expect to wake up early, carry a heavy backpack, step out of their comfort zone, and support each other through physical and mental challenges.


25 Options

Rafting through rapids on an Adventure trip.

Great Sand Dunes N.P.

Dates: June 10-15
Grades: 8-10
Activities: Climbing, Sand Boarding, Rafting & Hiking

Backpacking through the Rocky Mountains.

All Girls+ Backpacking

Dates: July 8-13
Grades: 8-10
Activities: Rafting, Backpacking

A camper smiling at the camera while rock climbing in the Ten Mile Canyon.

Rocky Mtn Nat’l Park 10-Day

Dates: June 24 – July 3
Grades: 10-12
Activities: Backpacking, Climbing, Rafting Overnight


No prior experience is necessary. If you have never climbed, rafted, or spent a night out backpacking, it’s ok!

Backpacking through the Rocky Mountains.


Learn how to travel in the backcountry & prepare meals.

Spotting a lizard on a desert based Adventure!

Environmental Stewardship

We instill principles of outdoor stewardship, to be good stewards of our land.

Paddleboarding on a lake.


Learn to navigate and move around the lake, or down a lazy river.

Rock climbing in the Monument.

Rock Climbing

Climbing requires endurance & agility to overcome the obstacles & puzzles on the route.

Student making their way through the winding canyon rocks.


Learn climbing and rappelling techniques, knot-tying skills, & interpreting terrain with a map and compass.

A group headed down the rapids in an inflatable raft.


We’ll go rafting on some of Colorado’s best rivers, including the Arkansas, Gunnison and Colorado.

Kayaking & Canoeing

Learn to interpret the current, paddling and beaching your craft to explore secluded wilderness areas.

In the words of parents:

“No phones. Dedicated time to focus on self. Reminders about gratitude. Getting in touch with nature. The counselors are strong, sweet, great role models.”

“My kid looks forward to this every year! It is so important for her to get out of her usual routine and meet new people and get a chance to be on her own.”

“We love KSS. The growth our kids have each summer is priceless. Thank you for all the hard work, planning and everything that goes into what you do!”

Leadership Framework

Our Leadership Framework has a foundation of 5 main elements. As students progress through Adventures, they will become familiar with the 5 elements and have opportunities to grow within each. This framework is meant to help instructors identify which elements of leadership are linked to the activities and programs they are leading and how to effectively teach valuable skills through activity facilitation, debrief, and conversation.

Hiking through the Great Sand Dunes National Park.