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__Outdoor Education Program__________

Get ready for your Outdoor Education trip!

On this page you will find all you will need to know for organizing and attending a program with Keystone Science School.

Please do not hesitate to call (970)468-2098 or email Support@KeystoneScienceSchool.org if you have any questions.

Steps to Organize a Field Trip

This is an abbreviated list of steps to set up an outdoor education field trip with Keystone Science School.

Choose your program and contact KSS to book dates and get pricingGet Pricing Now
Program Details FormDue upon confirming dates
Sign Agreement and pay 50% depositDue upon receipt to reserve dates with KSS
Confirm Confirm Final NumbersDue 60 days prior to arrival date
Pay Final BalanceDue 30 days prior to arrival date
Complete Program Selection FormDue 30 days prior to arrival date
Confirm completed waivers for all participantsDue 2 weeks prior to arrival date
Complete Field Group and Housing AssignmentsDue 2 weeks prior to arrival date
Attend the Program!Arrive at 12pm on the arrival date
Included in Each Program
  • Educational programming that meets colorado state education standards
  • At least one trained field instructor for every 13 students during daytime programs and at least one KSS staff member per 40 students for evening programs
  • Transportation during the program only (1 van per 13 students and 1 chaperone)
  • Relevant equipment for the program cross-country skis, cross-country ski boots, ski poles and/or snowshoes for each student and required chaperone if applicable to the program. KSS also can lend students donated outdoor gear such as hiking boots, snow pants, jackets, etc. as needed.
  • In Overnight Programs:
    • 3 meals per 24-hour period (Not including lunch on arrival day)
    • Lodging for the number of students and required chaperones for the program
Participating School Responsibilities
  • Transportation to and from the program location
  • Arrival to programming cannot be prior to 12pm and departure cannot be later than 12pm unless previously approved by KSS
  • Provide one chaperone per 13 students and one additional support chaperone
  • Lunch on the day of arrival (students will need to bring a nut-free sack lunch)
  • Transportation is not guaranteed for chaperones that are in addition to the number of required chaperones
  • Sleeping accommodations are not guaranteed for chaperones in addition to the number of required chaperones
  • KSS staff are not permitted to administer medications including over-the-counter medications. Teachers and adult volunteers from the students’ school are required to follow their school’s policies regarding handling and dispensing student medications. KSS will provide a secure location for medicines.

Each participant (including adults) must complete a waiver to attend KSS programming. This waiver will be provided electronically via email and is specific to the group’s program, and it is the teacher or point of contact’s responsibility to ensure all participants have completed the form. Individuals without a completed waiver will not be permitted to attend programming. KSS is able to provide Spanish or printed waivers upon request.

Teacher/ Chaperone Expectations
  • Teachers and Chaperones will be asked to take photos of the program and upload them to a secure album to share with the school and parents afterward
  • One teacher or chaperone must be present with a group of 13 students at all times during field days with one additional chaperone to stay behind should a student not be able to participate in an activity.
  • Teachers and Chaperones will be asked to assist with behavior management when needed
  • Teachers and chaperones will be fully responsible for students during flex times (before & after dinner, during dorm or tent time, and overnight) when a KSS staff member is not present.
  • Teachers and chaperones will be responsible for facilitating students in cleaning the dorms or packing up tents at the end of the program.
  • The consumption of drugs or alcohol is not permitted during the program
Student Expectations

KSS staff, teachers, and adult volunteers from your student’s school will work together during the KSS program to communicate with students about behavior expectations and to address inappropriate behavior, as needed.

If a student behaves in any way that is considered by KSS staff, teachers, or adult volunteers to be detrimental to the quality and best interest of the program or other students, KSS reserves the right to dismiss that student from the program. If a child is dismissed from the program, parents or guardians of the child will be contacted by the lead teacher from the school and asked to pick up their child and remove them from the KSS program.


The professional kitchen staff at KSS are experienced in accommodating any dietary restrictions or food allergies our participants might have. We partner with schools and parents in order to completely understand the needs of each individual student and prepare food based on each child’s needs. With each overnight program we serve hot breakfast and dinners and provide students with a sack lunch to be eaten “on trail.” We encourage teachers and parents to contact us with any questions they may have.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

Outdoor Education Payment Policy

Pricing is dependent on the season, location, and your selected activities. Please contact us by calling (970)468-2098 or emailing Support@KeystoneScienceSchool.org for a current pricing sheet.

At Time of Contract Signing
  • 50% of cost (required to reserve dates)
30 Days Prior to Arrival Date
  • Payment in full due
    • Late payments may result in additional fees

Outdoor Education Cancellation Policy

Contract Signing to 60 Days Prior to Arrival Date
  • School Forfeits 50% Deposit
Within 60 Days of the Arrival Date
  • School is Responsible for full cost of the program*
  • *Unless KSS is able to fill canceled dates with programs of comparable size
School Cancellation due to COVID
  • Refund not provided
Keystone Science School Cancellation of Program
  • School Forfeits 50% Deposit

Cancellation & Refund Details

If any cancellation of a program reservation occurs between the signing of the agreement and 60 days of the arrival date, the School is responsible for 50% of contracted costs listed in the Agreement.  

In the event of such a cancellation within 60 days of the arrival date, the school is responsible for 100% of the contracted costs listed in this agreement. If KSS can fill the canceled dates with the enrollment of a group of comparable size to the Group, specifically for the purposes of filling the Program reservation for that group, the School will only be responsible for 50% of the contracted amount listed in this agreement.   

A refund will not be provided if a school cancels the agreed-upon program due to a global pandemic, reasons related to COVID-19, or other act of god. If Keystone Science School is forced to cancel the program due to a mandate of local or state public health, the program fees will be refunded up to 50% of the original contracted amount.   

Change in participant Numbers: The participating school will be held responsible for up to 90% of the original contracted amount. Schools will receive a refund for any students who do not participate in programming up to 90% of the original contracted amount. If schools increase numbers between the final invoice and arrival date, the school will be charged an invoice for those additional students.

Sample Schedule
Day 1
12pmArrival, Lunch & Orientation
1-5pmField Day within Small Groups
5-6pmFree Time
7:15-8:15pmEvening Program
Day 2
9:30-5pmField Day within Small Groups
5-6pmFree Time
7:15-8:15pmEvening Program
Day 3
9:30-11amField Day within Small Groups
11-12pmClosing Celebration
Financial Aid

KSS provides discounts to schools for the traditional two-night, three-day overnight programs. This based on need and are distributed to schools allowing them to distribute scholarships to students on an as-needed basis.