2024 Summer Camp Registration Opens January 10th, 2024
Student looks through a microscope in Girls in STEM Biomedical program

Medical Explorers

_Girls in STEM______

Girls in STEM Medical Explorers

April 19-21, 2024

Keystone Science School’s Girls in STEM: Medical Explorers focuses on addressing challenges experienced by women interested in pursuing STEM-specific education and careers. Specifically, participants will learn about bioengineering and healthcare in partnership with The Steadman Philippon Research Institute (SPRI).

Participants will go on a laboratory tour to see important aspects of the SPRI labs used by scientists and doctors and get a glimpse into a world-class scientific research program. Participants will also have an interactive experience and a Q&A session with the SPRI scientists to have the opportunity to hear from women connected to the healthcare industry, and learn about the barriers they have faced as women and how they overcome those challenges.

Lab mentors from SPRI teach our Girls in STEM students in the research lab.
A student uses an eyedropper intstrument in Girls in STEM

Rates & Amenities

This program is subsidized on a sliding fee scale for local families – see the chart below. This price includes lodging in our dorms, all meals, programming and use of supplies and technology.

Free & Reduced Lunch rate$65
CHP+ (Child Health Plan Plus) rate$190
Fully Pay rate$350

Scholarships & Financial Assistance

If you have a financial barrier, please apply for a scholarship for the Girls in STEM program. All scholarships will be determined on a rolling basis and offered based on financial need.


We offer free transportation to local families!

  • KSS pickup students from school on Friday afternoon from Silverthorne Elementary and Dillon Valley Elementary at 4pm
  • Parent Pickup at KSS on Sunday at 12pm or Silverthorne Elementary and Dillon Valley Elementary at 12:15pm.

Packing List

Girls in STEM students jumping at sunset 

Program Schedule

Please note that this program schedule may change based on the availability of our STEM Mentors.

The group listening to mentors speak in Girls in STEM Biomedical weekend program


Day 1
4:00pmDrop-off at KSS campus
4:00pmDrop-off at Dillon Valley Elementary & Silverthorne Elementary
4:30pmCheck-in, move into dorms, meet instructor & dinner
5:00pmProgram Kick Off – Overview & Expectations
5:30pmIndividual Group Time
7:00pmPresentation from SPRI: the scientific method
8:30pmFemale Empowerment Activity
The group listens to a lab tech mentor


Day 2
10:00amTour of SPRI
3:00pmCareer Panel – Women in Bioengineering
5:00pmFeet off the floor time back at KSS campus
5:30pmDesign thinking process and project overview
7:00pmBegin work on bioengineering project
9:00pmBack to dorms, candle chat
Students sit and look at the stars during a campfire in Girls in STEM Biomedical


Day 3
8:30amDay overview
9:00amWork on bioengineering projects and presentations
12:00pmParent/Guardian presentations
12:00pmPick up / Checkout from campus
12:15pmPick up / Checkout from Silverthorne Elementary & Dillon Valley Elementary
Female mentors speak with students in Girls in STEM Biomedical

STEM Mentors

A variety of female professionals will be interacting with all participating girls throughout the weekend. As the cast of STEM Mentors is solidified, we will update this page with names and biographies. Stay tuned.

Program Goals

  • Inspire confidence and leadership in young females through STEM-related fields.
  • Incorporate the consensus-building process into interactive, engaging activities, while promoting a positive growth mindset.
  • Encourage collaboration between female students and professional mentors.
  • Apply learning and use the design thinking process to solve a problem.
Female mentor working with students in Girls in STEM Biomedical weekend on campus
Student looks through microscope in Girls in STEM Biomedical lab tour

Purpose and Focus of Girls in STEM

In today’s professional world there is a large gender gap in STEM focused careers. This gender gap is experienced not only in the workforce, but in the pursuit of post-secondary STEM degree programs. The research explains some of the disparities are due to lacking female self-esteem within STEM subjects, limited mentors working within STEM fields, and gender stereotypes within our society and educational system.

Building off of the success of past Keystone Science School’s Girls in STEM programs, this unique opportunity focuses on healthcare specific topics while inviting participants to stay overnight on Keystone Science School’s campus. The intent is to create another step in the Girls in STEM continuum of programs further strengthening mentor relationships and girls’ interest in STEM.

Thank you to our Program Donors

We are so thankful for all the corporate, foundational, and individual supporters of our Girls in STEM program.

If you are interested in supporting this program please contact Development Manager, Mike Pasquarella. MPasquarella@keystonescienceschool.org or (970)513-5833.

The Steadman Clinic and Steadman Phillippon Research Institute
Xcel Energy
US Bank
JP Innovation Project
Aurora Water
Denver Water
Oxy Occidental

In the words of parents

“No phones. Dedicated time to focus on self. Reminders about gratitude. Getting in touch with nature. The counselors are strong, sweet, great role models.”

“My kid looks forward to this every year! It is so important for her to get out of her usual routine and meet new people and get a chance to be on her own.”

“We love KSS. The growth our kids have each summer is priceless. Thank you for all the hard work, planning and everything that goes into what you do!”

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A girl looks up during an adventure rock climbing day at KSS summer camp.

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Girls in STEM Film Fest students present their film on stage at the Breck Film Fest

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