Financial Support for Schools!

Keystone Science School strives to provide each student with the opportunity to participate in an outdoor education program. In this effort, KSS provides discounts to schools for the traditional two-night, three-day overnight programs. This based on need and are distributed to schools allowing them to distribute scholarships to students on an as-needed basis.

Our Day Campers doing arts & crafts 


  • Scholarships typically range from 10%-30%.
  • The school or group is responsible for distributing the financial aid to their students
  • The application must be fully complete to be considered.
  • Any financial aid awarded to a school or organization must be used toward the direct cost of the program and is not permitted to be used for other expenses (transportation, food, etc.)
    • Financial aid must first be applied to offset the costs to families paying for the program where applicable
  • It is the school or organization’s responsibility to ensure financial aid is properly distributed to benefit families first.


The KSS camp scholarship program is supported through individual and business donations. Learn more about donating to our camp scholarship program.