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Get your class outside!

Outdoor Education Field Trips

Keystone Science School is proud to provide schools with unique overnight field trips that combine Science, Adventure, and Fun! Each outdoor education and environmental education field trip we create is tailored to the goals of each participating school. Located in a high mountain environment outside Denver, our classroom is the forest, streams, and alpine tundra where students can be outside and adventuring.

Dorm Overnight Field Trips

Our dorm-based field trips are the flagship programs of Keystone Science School where each teacher designs the overnight field trip of their choosing. With each dorm location, students will experience the comforts of home including hot showers, and meals served within an indoor dining hall.

Camping Field Trips

Our camping-based field trips are the same great outdoor and environmental education programs except students sleep in tents rather than in our dorms. You can choose the location based on the available curriculum theme or proximity to your school/Denver International Airport.

Day Field Trips

Our day programs can be offered on our campus or at a location closer to your school. We can adjust times according to your program goals and logistical needs. The curriculum for each program can align with our traditional academic themes and adventure activities.

Our Curriculum

Each of our programs contain elements of environmental science, social-emotional learning, community building, and outdoor experience. We have 6 curriculum topics to choose from.

  • Aquatic Ecology
  • Geology
  • Winter Ecology & Adaptations
  • Watersheds & Water Management
  • Forest Ecology
  • Snow & Avalanche Science

Mission Moment: Gunsaulus Scholastic Academy

Gunsaulus Scholastic Academy traveled all the way from Chicago to attend an Outdoor Education program at KSS. During the week, they learned about snow & avalanche science and were able to experience a lot of things that they had never done before.

Teacher Resources

We’ll help you set up your program from start to finish!

Financial Aid

KSS provides discounts to schools for the traditional two-night, three-day overnight programs. This based on need and are distributed to schools allowing them to distribute scholarships to students on an as-needed basis.

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In the words of teachers:

“KSS is an experience that cannot be brought into a traditional classroom. This is an opportunity for students to be out up close and personal in nature. Connecting what’s learned in the classroom to the real world deepens and enriches the curriculum.”
– Lowry Elementary

“KSS provides a forum for students to truly learn experientially. Many of my students said they wished every day could be like it is at KSS, and I do too. The stewardship combined with experiential ed is transformational!”
– Rocky Mtn Academy of Evergreen

“The combination of learning, class- and team-building activities, outdoor adventure, and down-time in the dorm and on the playing fields was an extremely positive, even transformative experience for our students. I’ve heard them saying this has been their best school-related experience to date.”
– Polaris Academy