Outdoor Education Curriculum

We collaborate with teachers to customize each program based on goals for their students.

  • Each of our programs contain elements of environmental science, social-emotional learning, community building, and outdoor experience.
  • Each small group will go out on a separate trail for their field day, where they will engage with the curriculum in an outdoor classroom.

Our Outdoor Classroom

In the spring and fall, students will hike on the trails.
In the winter, teachers can choose to cross-country ski or snowshoe with their students.

For every program, KSS provides the necessary equipment for the designated adventure. KSS instructors will provide students with the tools and extra gear they need to take care of themselves while spending time outdoors.

Core Competencies

Each of our programs contain elements of each of the following core competencies.

Team & Community Building

Students will learn about themselves, their peers, and how to work together through engaging games and activities.

Environmental Science

Students will study standards-based environmental science topics by engaging in place-based activities that are unique to our environment.

Outdoor Activity

Students will foster a greater appreciation for the environment through nature-based activities, guided exploration, and self-reflection.

Teaching Styles


Students explore the curriculum theme through sensory-based activities, engaging games, and inquiry-based learning.

Environmental Issue

Students will explore the environmental and social complexities of an environmental issue. Students will study perspectives of different stakeholders and engage in collaborative discussions to open dialogue and offer solutions.

Students study the curriculum theme through the lens of a stakeholder. Acting as their stakeholder, students discuss the issues and come together at the end of the program for a “Town Hall Meeting” to open a dialogue, collaborate, and offer solutions. This program teaches students to collaborate as opposed to compete in order to solve a challenging environmental issue facing their community.

Environmental Science Curriculum Themes

Aquatic Ecology

Life Science
Available Year-round

Students will perform water quality assessments, and survey aquatic macroinvertebrates in order to better understand the health and interconnectedness of aquatic ecosystems in Colorado.

Forest Ecology

Life Science
Available Year-round

Students will explore the Colorado forest ecosystem and discover the interdependent relationships between living and nonliving components.

Watersheds & Water Management

Earth Science
Available Year-round

Students will explore how water collects into watersheds and how humans manage and conserve water resources in Colorado.


Earth Science
Available Year-round

Students will investigate rocks and minerals, weathering and erosion, the transformation of mountain landforms, tectonic plates, and the rich mining history of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

Snow & Avalanche Science

Earth Science
Available Late Winter
(Snow Required)

Students will dig snow pits in order to collect scientific data and observe mountainous terrain to explore how snowpack, weather, and terrain contribute to avalanches

Winter Ecology & Adaptations

Life Science
Available Late Winter
(Snow Required)

While focusing on animal adaptations, winter forest ecology and the insulative properties of snow, students will learn about the many different strategies organisms use to conserve energy and survive over winter.

Outdoor Activity Themes

Cross Country Skiing

We’ll teach the basics of cross country skiing, and provide all gear!


We’ll explore our outdoor winter classroom on snowshoes!


We’ll head out on the trails to learn our environmental science curriculum.