2021 Summer Camp in Review


With the first dusting of snow this fall sitting atop Loveland Pass, the seasons are finally turning and the staff find themselves reflecting on the summer. The theme for camp this past year was the Summer of Connection, and based on our review and analysis, not only were connections made, but lives changed and unforgettable memories created.

Summer CATCH camp helped parents stay at work, as did $213K in scholarships, which were awarded to 169 families seeking financial aid for various KSS programs. Seven of our summer staff members were former campers, helping maintain the legacy and tradition that helps make Keystone Science School so unique. For our overnight programs, parents listed that their children learned new skills, grew more independent, made new friends, and were able to connect more with nature.

Amidst the ongoing pandemic, we were so grateful to host the more than 1,000 campers that graced our campus this summer. We also want to thank our ever generous donors and community partners for their ongoing support.