2023 Beyond the Classroom Impact Report


Beyond the Classroom 2023

KSS Professional Development Program

Keystone Science School recently hosted its annual professional development program for teachers, Beyond the Classroom, from November 1-3, 2023. This transformative workshop equipped educators with the tools and knowledge necessary to bring environmental issues into their classrooms. Teachers explored the intricacies of water issues in the West while gaining valuable insights from experts and engaging in hands-on experiences.

The program encourages an exploration of various perspectives. The focus on water in the West serves as a gateway to understanding broader environmental challenges, with lessons adaptable to local, regional, or global contexts. This allows their students to experience environmental issues firsthand outside the classroom.

Our Framework: The Key Issues Framework guided participants through an interdisciplinary, fact-based investigative process, encouraging inquiry and critical thinking.

H2O Outdoors Integration: This year, teachers had the unique opportunity to observe and participate in the H2O Outdoors program for high school students, helping see the facilitation of our Town Hall debate live.

The 3-day program featured an overnight stay at Keystone Science School’s on-campus dorms. The first day included field time and an expert panel discussion. Day 2 featured water quality testing in local water sources and rivers, and the last day finished with a Town Hall event alongside the H2O Outdoors program.

  1. Brainstorm and plan ways to facilitate an environmental issue-based curriculum based on a local issue for their own students.
  2. Analyze and interpret the perspectives of real-life stakeholders in Colorado water management through the lens of sustainability.
  3. Practice ‘solutions-oriented’ caollaborative approaches to managing regional issues.
  4. Explain the concept of a watershed & identify major watersheds in the US, Colorado, and Summit County.
  5. Understand water supply and demand issues in Colorado and the Colorado River Watershed.
  6. Collect field data relevant to water quantity & quality.

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For further details on the impact of this program at Keystone Science School, please refer to the 2023 Beyond the Classroom Impact Report linked below.

Keystone Science School extends heartfelt gratitude to its donors and partners whose generous funding makes Beyond the Classroom possible. Special thanks to program partners Denver Water, Aurora Water, Chevron, and Oxy for their invaluable support and curriculum contributions.

Denver Water
Aurora Water