Day Campers show their garden gloves during a field trip day.

2023 Scholarship Report – Round 1


Keystone Science school has been honored to give campers a chance to come to camp through our scholarship program for years. Thanks to our Scholarship committee comprised of volunteers, KSS will distribute approximately $70,000 in scholarship funding for the 2023 summer camp season, with over 80% of those scholarships allowing families to provide their children with an outstanding summer experience. This year, in an effort to give parents more time to plan their summers, we are offering 3 rounds of scholarship awards. We have successfully completed round one of the scholarship awards and wanted to share a few highlights from the process below.

  • We received applications for 168 children from 117 families.
  • Over 90% of our applications came from families residing in Colorado with a third of those being residents of Summit County.
  • Campers ranged from K-11th grade, with the majority of children coming from families that qualify for free and reduced Priced meals or Colorado Health Plan Plus (CHP+).
  • We offered a total of $45,186 to 98 campers with demonstrated need.
  • The majority of awarded campers belong to our Summit School District families enrolling in day camp, closely followed by campers enrolling in Discovery camp.

*These accepted amounts will continue to grow as our team is continually working with families to offer scholarships on the recommendation of the committee.

Our hope for the future is to continue to make camp as accessible as we can to all of our families and provide many opportunities for campers to experience the magic of KSS.

This scholarship process would not be possible without the organization from our staff and without the dedication from our Scholarship Committee Volunteers. Volunteers offered their feedback on the process below.

  • “Reviewing applications for the KSS scholarship program is an eye-opener to the financial challenges that come with living in a Mountain Town. I get it, our family resides in a Coastal Community in South Carolina – where the outside opinion is that everyone is “wealthy” – not true. I encourage KSS parents enrolling their kids in camp this summer to make a little extra donation – whether it be $10 or $100 to ensure that teachers, firefighters, and policemen, have the opportunity to send their scholars to this exceptional camp that we all love.”
  • “I manage a scholarship fund at the CU Denver Business School, and I am very impressed by your process and framework. This was a very easy-to-follow system for reviewing and ranking, with an in-depth calculation for need. Amazing!”