A Day in the Life of an Education Program


Cookie mining is a game where students learn about the mining history of Colorado and the effect mining has on the natural landscape. That’s right we use cookies to teach about mining because were the Keystone Science School and we do things a little bit differently. We take the classroom outside and students learn in ways they never have before. Come and see what we’re all about!

The Keystone Science School works with students from all over the nation to provide exceptional student experiences in the outdoors. The majority of our students come from Colorado and we see students of all ages from a multitude of backgrounds. One of the best aspects of Keystone Science School’s education programs is the work we put in with both teachers and administrators to create a unique customized program. Teachers choose programming that will be best for their students based on state standards, their school’s curriculum, and their students’ needs. This work before the program allows teachers to prepare both students and parents for what to expect on their trip to the Keystone Science School.

The most common program at the Keystone Science School is a 2 night 3-day program on our 23-acre campus in Keystone, Colorado. We have a wide variety of curriculum, teaching methods, and we strive to provide exceptional experiences in the outdoors for every student in our programming. Having all of this background information is all fine and well, but what does our programming actually look like

Students typically arrive at noon on the first day of their trip with the Keystone Science School. One of our instructors will hop on the bus with a big smile and explain how we are going to move into the dorms. When you get to your dorm you will learn the rules of the building and more importantly, your teachers will tell you what room you are in and who your roommates will be for the next couple days. After you get settled in your dorm you get to go eat lunch and have recess while your teachers are in a meeting with some of the Keystone Science School’s staff.

Next, you will split up into your smaller field groups and you will meet your instructor for your trip. The rest of the afternoon will be spent in these field groups playing games, learning outside, and in the wintertime, you might even learn how to cross-country ski. After an afternoon of science, adventure, and fun you will have what we call flex time. Flex time is a period of free time where students will have choices of what they would like to do.

In the evening we will have dinner with your entire class and you can catch up with friends you may not have seen throughout the day. All of our food is prepared by our incredible kitchen team and students are always telling them how much they love the food. Our kitchen team also does a great job of providing healthy options and alternatives for anyone with dietary restrictions.

We end our day with an evening program which could be any number of activities. You might see the rings of Saturn or the moons of Jupiter in our observatory with our high powered telescope. You might enjoy ooey-gooey s’mores around the campfire. You could even show off your dance moves at a talent show.

The next day is the big field day. On the second day of your program you and your field group will load up into a van and your instructor will drive to one of our many local trails where you will spend your day in the outdoors learning in the world around you. You may go hiking through the woods while learning about forest ecology. You might study water management on top of the continental divide at 12,000 feet. Keystone provides an incredible venue to study a wide array of environmental topics while enjoying the beautiful mountains of Colorado.

When you return back to campus from your day of exploring you will again have some flextime and an awesome dinner. You will end your day with another great fantastic evening program.

The last day of the program will be jam-packed full of games and curriculum before you have to depart back to school. After a fun morning of games and learning, you will have the opportunity to visit the school store and we will make your class a custom slideshow full of pictures from your trip. At this point unfortunately it will be time for you and your class to head back to school. We can’t wait to see you up in Keystone soon to take the classroom outdoors and create memories that will last a lifetime!