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Founded in 1976 by Robert W. Craig, Keystone Science School has taught scientific principles and leadership skills to young people, teachers, and community members through engaging hands-on field experiences. KSS was founded on the belief that leaders should approach decision-making with a healthy respect for scientific inquiry, collaboration, and civic engagement.

The School was founded as part of a larger nonprofit organization, The Keystone Policy Center, to develop critical thinking skills in future generations of leaders using science and the outdoors as a backdrop. In 2013, Keystone Science School became an independent nonprofit organization after the incredible fundraising efforts of the local community and long-time supporters of the School. A task force comprised of many who deeply believe in the School’s mission guided the organization on this journey to independence. Both nonprofit organizations are thriving today keeping Bob Craig’s original goals in mind.

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Over the decades KSS has evolved to provide increasingly diverse and accessible programs around leadership development, STEM-based education, health and nutrition, teacher professional development, and experiential learning. Some new initiatives include CATCH Afterschool (started August 2011) and Summer CATCH Camp (starting June 2015) which provide out-of-school physical activity and nutrition education for elementary-aged students in Summit County. These programs operate on a sliding fee scale with the goal of serving as many low- and moderate-income families as possible.

Our Girls in STEM program kicked off in early 2015 giving young women the opportunity to explore the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math through games, experiments, and group activities. Research shows that in mixed gender classrooms girls often let boys take the lead in these subjects. But when given the opportunity to work in a girls-only setting, girls speak up, develop more self-confidence, and are more likely to do well in and pursue further study or a career in these subjects.

twinkle day camp colorado wed overnight
twinkle day camp colorado wed overnight

To learn more, please contact us! We’d love to walk our historic campus with you and share more of the incredible Keystone Science School Story. (970)468-2098 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.