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Operations Staff

The KSS operations team is comprised of our foodservice and property management team. The size of the overall operations team fluctuates with each season but no matter the season, they are considered the heart of KSS. The operations team operates largely behind the scenes but is responsible for providing each camper and staff member with their basic needs with food and comfortable accommodations. These responsibilities are so important with the overall success of KSS programs and the achievement of the KSS mission.

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A Day in the Life - Kitchen


In the summer, kitchen staff are scheduled for 40 hours per week and can be during a morning or evening shift, 7-days per week. Responsibilities vary depending on the day of the week and the scheduled shift. Typically, the morning shift starts making breakfast at approximately 5:30 am for both the staff and campers. After breakfast and all associated cleaning, the kitchen team will complete a number of projects, which can include cleaning, packing food for off-site KSS programs, inventorying food, lunch packing, or a variety of other routine projects. There will be a little overlap with the dinner shift who arrives in the afternoon. Shortly after arrival and a quick team meeting, dinner preparation will begin. At the close of dinner service, the evening shift will complete some routine responsibilities in order to set up the morning crew for success.


During the school year, there are fewer students on campus and there may be a rotating schedule based on the scheduled number of students which can include weekends. Depending on the scheduled number of students, any kitchen staff can be preparing and serving a meal independently or with a team. Along with preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinners, all kitchen staff will be assigned projects such as food ordering, food unpacking, prep work, or cleaning. All kitchen staff are not just chefs but support all aspects of food preparation and service.

A Day in the Life - Operations


The operations team is focused on managing the overall KSS property and grounds. Every day is different and mixed with a variety of projects which can include small construction projects, landscaping, or cleaning. Along with conducting maintenance and repairs on all grounds, the team also solicits and manages contractors associated with construction and cleaning projects. The Spring, Summer, and Fall can be extremely busy simply due to the high volume of campers and staff on campus.


Throughout the winter months, the operations and property management team takes a lead on all snow removal while also completing a number of indoor projects which can be deferred to the winter months. The winter is also a time to prepare for the summer which can include the completion of deferred maintenance projects, small construction projects, volunteer management, and coordination of vehicle maintenance.


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Accommodations include rustic historic cabins that have electricity but no running water, a new modern shared living space, and two historical homes with running water, showers, and toilets. You may be housed with one or more fellow staff members. There are always buildings close by the cabins and the canvas tents that have running water (i.e. toilets, showers, etc). Residents also have access to all buildings around campus, including the staff kitchen.


Accommodations include rustic historic cabins that have electricity but no running water, a new modern shared living space, and two historical homes with running water, showers, and toilets. You will be lodging with multiple fellow staff members in shared rooms. Staff working Discovery overnight during the summer will sleep in the dormitories or Snake River Village, depending on the program they are working.


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Keystone Science School will supplement the staff kitchen with some staples. However, staff members will be expected to purchase their own groceries and can keep them stored in the staff kitchen or in their cabins. In addition, instructors may have some meals provided during programming.


Breakfast and dinner are cooked and served for staff on all days that there is programming. Lunch during camp days can be made with KSS provided food before breakfast begins or while preparing camper lunches, depending on the program you are working on. On weekends when staff are not working Fusion, there is access to leftovers and ingredients.

All food allergies and dietary restrictions are considered by our chef, who will have alternatives available each meal and in the kitchen

The Community

Our kitchen and operations team comes from all over the country and with all kinds of backgrounds. It’s not required to have a culinary degree or property management experience. While that experience helps, it’s more important to have an interest in food or property management, willingness to learn, work closely with a team, and the stamina to stand on your feet and do a physically demanding job for several hours at a time.

In your off time, you’ll have all of Summit County in your backyard. Work the morning shift and then take a 6-mile mountain bike ride on a trail in Keystone. Or wake up early and kayak on Lake Dillon before starting the dinner shift. Go climbing at Haus Rock 10 minutes down the street from Keystone Science School, or take a weekend backpacking trip just outside of Breckenridge. To read more about the KSS community, see our community page.

KSS Staff Progression

We make a commitment to help our staff grow within each job role and strive to create opportunities for each staff member to grow within the KSS organization. Each staff member has their own unique journey but we want to help each person grow and gain skills for their next step. Program Staff positions can be a great foot in the door to year-round program positions, non-profit administration, or other roles within KSS. Throughout our hiring process, we will share more about opportunities throughout our organization and ways to keep you engaged in the KSS Community. Beyond KSS, many staff alumni have moved into positions within the outdoor and education industries, as illustrated below.

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