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The program staff positions are some of the most exciting and versatile positions within Keystone science school, and the people are some of the most fun as well! With a lot of options to offer, we find it’s hard to choose just one. Regardless of what position you choose, it will definitely be dynamic.

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Fixed-Term: 10+ Months (Jan-Nov: Seasonal Full-Time)

Jobs Posted: Fall

This instructor position will work 10 months out of the year from January until early November and take December off to enjoy the holidays and possibly get some turns in. Typically starting in January as an Outdoor Education instructor, this position goes through May teaching outdoor education to schools for their field trips. At the end of May, we ramp up for our summer camp season and this position will be working camp programs as counselors until the end of August. These months are action-packed with camp activities and experiences. At the end of the camp season, the instructor team will finish out the fall in Outdoor Education programs.

School Year-Seasonal (Mar-Sept: Seasonal Part-Time)

Jobs Posted: End of Summer

This role is similar to the Fixed 10 Month Term, but adjusts the start date to accommodate when education, camp, and fun really ramp up at KSS. They begin in March as an Outdoor Education Program Instructor and through May they teach outdoor education to schools who come to KSS for their field trips. At the end of May, we ramp up for our summer camp season and this position will be working camp programs as counselors until the end of August. These months are action-packed with camp activities and experiences. Once summer is over, this role returns to life as an Outdoor Education Program Instructor until the end of September when field trips to KSS slow down.

Outdoor Education Assistant & After School Instructor (Year-Round Full-Time)

Jobs Posted: Summer Season

This instructor partners with the Silverthorne School District to provide Outdoor Education lessons at the Silverthorne Elementary School during the school day. KSS hosts an After School Program and this instructor is the lead and supervises fun activities until parents pick up. Generally they have a few hours off in the middle of the day between teaching Outdoor Ed and beginning After School Programs. Once summer rolls around, they are at the school providing camp experiences Monday through Friday for Summit Day Camp.

After School Instructor (Sept-Jun: Part-Time Seasonal)

Jobs Posted: Summer Season

This position offers the flexibility of a part time schedule. Working from approximately 3:30-5:30 Monday through Friday, this position allows you to work with children on a part-time schedule supporting our community in the After School Program.

A Day in the Life

School Year: During the school year, these positions involve instructing Outdoor Education programs, supporting After School programming, or supporting programming in other ways. Work schedules will revolve around when programs are scheduled: typically 40 hours per week Monday-Friday with the occasional weekend program to spice it up. On the rare occasion, we are not running a program, the staff works on administrative tasks and duties as assigned.

Summer: Once summer begins, our program's staff will have the opportunity to work with our campers in the fast-paced camp experience. Typical roles include leadership positions within the Camp Staff Team but each role is dependent on the skills, experience, and desires within the camp industry. During the summer, an instructor can expect to work a minimum of 60 hours per week. Please see our Camp Staff Page for more details regarding the schedule.

The Community

Coming from a variety of backgrounds, our program staff share some things in common: The love for the outdoors and working with children. At Keystone Science School we have the ability to spend the majority of our time in the outdoors, and appreciate what it has to offer- from hiking a 14er or simply enjoying the beautiful Summit County Landscape. Pairing this amazing place we live with supporting the education of future generations is what we are about. To read more about the KSS community, see our community page.


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Accommodations include rustic historic cabins that have electricity but no running water, a new modern shared living space, and two historical homes with running water, showers, and toilets. You may be housed with one or more fellow staff members. There are always buildings close by the cabins and the canvas tents that have running water (i.e. toilets, showers, etc). Residents also have access to all buildings around campus, including the staff kitchen.


Accommodations include rustic historic cabins that have electricity but no running water, a new modern shared living space, and two historical homes with running water, showers, and toilets. You will be lodging with multiple fellow staff members in shared rooms. Staff working Discovery overnight during the summer will sleep in the dormitories or Snake River Village, depending on the program they are working.


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Keystone Science School will supplement the staff kitchen with some staples. However, staff members will be expected to purchase their own groceries and can keep them stored in the staff kitchen or in their cabins. In addition, instructors may have some meals provided during programming.


Breakfast and dinner are cooked and served for staff on all days that there is programming. Lunch during camp days can be made with KSS provided food before breakfast begins or while preparing camper lunches, depending on the program you are working. On weekends when staff are not working Fusion, there is access to leftovers and ingredients.

All food allergies and dietary restrictions are considered by our chef, who will have alternatives available each meal and in the kitchen

KSS Staff Progression

We make a commitment to help our staff grow within each job role and strive to create opportunities for each staff member to grow within the KSS organization. Each staff member has their own unique journey but we want to help each person grow and gain skills for their next step. Program Staff positions can be a great foot in the door to year-round program positions, non-profit administration, or other roles within KSS. Throughout our hiring process we will share more about opportunities throughout our organization and ways to keep you engaged in the KSS Community. Beyond KSS, many staffalumni have moved into positions within the outdoor and education industries, as illustrated below.

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