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Adventure: Group Sizes and Group Dynamics 


KSS Adventures come in a variety of group capacities, and no matter size, each program is full of adventure and opportunities to develop long-lasting relationships with like-minded peers. Our smallest programs are 10-13 campers per group and our largest are 26 campers. While there is not a “better option,” each group capacity provides some minor impacts on the group dynamic and “feel” of the program.


These smaller group capacities allow the group to develop deeper relationships with each other. There are always conversations while hiking on the trail, traveling in the van, or participating in any of the scheduled adventure activities. These conversations can sometimes be across the entire group as a whole, creating more opportunities to get to know each other and create deeper connections. These group capacities also allow each group to develop their own group norms and practices, simply because decisions are easier when in smaller groups. Within programs with 10-13 campers, groups will typically become self-led and develop their own routines when transitioning from one activity to the next.


Programs with 26 campers are our largest within KSS Adventures. When participating in adventure activities the larger group will be broken into smaller groups creating opportunities for a camper to move through a variety of small groups in a single Adventure. The feeling can be similar to a traditional KSS Overnight Discovery Camp because participants may be adventuring during the day in small groups before participating in large group games and activities in the evening.