Adventure, Not Just For the Kids!


Drop your children off at summer camp and have your own fun adventure!

Keystone Science School has a summer camp program located in Summit County, Colorado, a hotbed of adventure, outdoor activities, and amazing food. Most people know Keystone and Summit County because of skiing and snowboarding but it is quickly becoming a summer destination. A common saying among locals is, “I came here for the winter, but stay here for the summer.”

So you just dropped your precious cargo in the hands of super qualified and awesome Keystone Science School counselors and… now what? Well, it’s time to start enjoying that well-earned time for yourselves and you better hurry up because there is way too much to do in this neck of the woods and you don’t want your kids to have more fun than you.

From the top of Loveland Pass to the edge of Green Mountain Reservoir, from the back of Keystone Mountain to the south of Breckenridge, and the towns of Frisco, Dillon, and Silverthorne all connected by the Dillon Reservoir (Lake Dillon), you are set up for a mountain adventure even if you never leave your car.

If your legs are up for it, a bicycle is an awesome mode of transportation to explore Summit County. The bike trails, paved and dirt are endless. If you are driving here to Keystone, bring those bikes. You will have more options to explore from wherever you land. Your feet can also access these same trails too.

Lake Dillon or Green Mountain reservoir can be a great option for kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, sunbathing, or for just relaxing. Lake Dillon has rentals in Frisco and Dillon for kayaks, paddleboards, pontoon boats, and sailing. Sitting and reading a book and watching the sailboats with snow-capped mountains around you is also a respectable activity.

Maybe golf is your deal? Summit County has a lot of choices including Keystone Ranch, and The River Course right here in Keystone–basically right next door to your kid’s awesome camp. Don’t forget that the ball also travels a little further at 9000 feet.

Are you a history buff? Check out the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance, the Dillon County Historical Society, or The Summit Historical Society. There are numerous books on the adventurous people who settled in this area. The historical sites in the county are numerous and some offer guided tours.

When your belly starts rumbling, don’t forget about horseback ride dinners, picnicking on a trail or side of the road with beautiful views! Maybe dinner along the shores of Lake Dillon or at the top of a ski resort with help of a chairlift?

Are you the camping type? Tent or RV? You are in the right place. Sleeping under the stars at 9000ft is a must. Visit the Dillon Ranger District office in Silverthorne to plan your trip and explore maps of our area.

Summertime in Colorado means blue skies, long days, and the sun shining bright till early evening. Take advantage of each day and we are sure you will have as good a time as your kids are having at KSS!