Day Camp Overnights Give Independence and Peace of Mind During Day Camps


Throughout the summer all our day campers have the opportunity to spend Tuesday evening on the Keystone Science School campus! The Day Camp Overnight is intentionally designed to help children develop their sense of independence, social and emotional intelligence, and strengthen the friendships they developed earlier in the week.

Campers will enjoy an evening full of high energy activities, free play, and an evening program. For parents, the overnight experience presents the opportunity for peace of mind. For many of our campers, the overnight at KSS is their first-ever sleepover. Knowing that pivotal experience is taking place in a structured environment with trained counselors can be incredibly helpful for parents and children alike.

Our staff has noticed campers who participate in the Day Camp Overnight approach the next day with a much higher sense of self-confidence and comfortability than any of the previous days. It’s something they originally noticed with the overnight campers, and they wanted to be able to bring a small taste of that to their day campers, too!