Rock Climbing


Rock Climbing

Outdoor Education Curriculum

In our Rock Climbing program students will learn the foundation of climbing skills, belaying, communication systems, and rock climbing movement. Students will have the opportunity to climb multiple climbing routes and belay each other under the guidance of our trained instructors.

No prior experience is needed! We have a wide variety of route options to match all ability levels. We provide students with a level of challenge that appeals to them, in a safe, supportive, and positive environment. We strive to give students a challenging experience paired with accomplishment.

Climbing also lends itself well to our geology curriculum. It’s a wonderful way to interact with our natural environment in beautiful places.

Program Outline

Ground School

Students will learn Ground School the day before climbing for 1-2 hours.

  • Gear introduction
  • How to put on a helmet and harness
  • Tying a Figure-8 follow-through knot
  • Helmet & harness zones
  • Belaying & climbing communication
  • Learning belay systems
  • Practicing how to belay

Climbing Day

We’ll start the climbing day with a refresher on helmets and harnesses, put them on, and go over the safety helmet harness zones.

Next is a climbing refresher on how to belay. We’ll then learn basic climbing techniques like footwork, communication, lowering, and the back-up belay system.

For the remainder of the day we’ll practice climbing, and students will get to climb at least two different routes, belay a climber, and back-up belay.

Climbing days are half days: 9:30am to 12 or 1pm to 3:30pm, for up to 13 students per site.

Our Gear

Groups do not need to bring their own climbing gear. We provide all safety equipment, helmets, harness, climbing shoes, rappelling devices, etc.

Our Staff

Staff are qualified, safety-oriented, have industry standard certifications and are passionate about providing an incredible climbing experience with students.

Risk Management

Our instructors constantly monitor students to check if they are tied in correctly, perform safety checks and ensure the belay device is loaded properly. Our staff will always be an arms-length away from the rope.

Environmental Stewardship

We talk about access, do trail maintenance when we can, promote conservation and preservation, and clean up the climbing area.