Core Competencies


KSS Outdoor Education Core Competencies

We collaborate with teachers to customize each program based on their desired goals. All our programs are place-based and we strive to create a unique and memorable experience that cannot be facilitated in a traditional classroom. Students will have the opportunity to unplug, slow down, and enjoy being present in nature.

Each of our programs contain elements of environmental science, outdoor experience, and team and community building. Students will be in small groups with one KSS instructor, one chaperone, and up to 13 students and called “field groups.” Each field group will go out on a separate trail for their field day(s), where they will engage with the curriculum in an outdoor classroom. There is also time scheduled for larger group activities during the program.

Team & Community Building

Students will engage in team building challenges and guided discussion to reflect on emotions, communication, collaboration, and leadership. This theme enables students to better appreciate commonalities and respect differences amongst their peers.

While engaging in fun activities, students can expect to grow closer together through a shared experience that will have a lasting effect when back in the classroom.

Environmental Science

Students will study standards-based environmental science topics through engaging place-based activities. We strive to create a unique and memorable experience with activities designed to be an enrichment to science taught in the classroom.

Outdoor Experience

Students will use all of their senses to discover the natural environment around them through games, guided exploration, and self reflection with the goal of fostering greater appreciation for the natural world. Instructors will provide the opportunity to create a sense of belonging in the outdoors where every student can feel comfortable and welcome. We always take into consideration a variety of comfort levels and previous experience in the outdoors.