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Get Ready for Your Field Trip

Teacher Resources

Please use this information as a resource and don’t hesitate to call (970)468-2098 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions.



Steps to Organize a Field Trip

Prior to your Field Trip

This is an abbreviated list of steps to set up an outdoor education field trip with Keystone Science School.


Submit Contract and Deposit Payment Due Immediately to Ensure Reservation
Complete Pre-Trip Questionnaire Due 30 Days Prior to Arrival Date
Final Program Invoice Payment Due 30 Days Prior to Arrival Date
Submit verification of Completed Medical & Liability Forms Due 2 Weeks Prior to Arrival Date
Submit Completed Field Group and Housing Assignments Due 2 Weeks Prior to Arrival Date


During Your Field Trip

Arrival and Departure Times

The following times are the standard arrival and departure times for programs unless discussed otherwise. Early arrivals will result in additional charges. Please call Keystone Science School at (970)468-2098 when you are 30 minutes from arriving.

Arrival: 12pm (Bring Lunches)
Departure: 12pm


Sample Schedule

Day 1
12pm Arrival, Lunch & Orientation
1-5pm Field Day within Small Groups
5-6pm Free Time
6-7pm Dinner
7:15-8:15pm Evening Program

Day 2
8-9am Breakfast
9:30-5pm Field Day within Small Groups
5-6pm Free Time
6-7pm Dinner
7:15-8:15pm Evening Program

Day 3
8-9am Breakfast
9:30-11am Field Day within Small Groups
11-12pm Closing Celebration
12pm Departure


Parent & Student Resources

We’re so excited to have your student participate in an outdoor education field trip with Keystone Science School!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Keystone Science School?

Keystone Science School is a non-profit organization that offers multi-day experiential learning field trips focusing on outdoor education and environmental science. Dorm-based programs are based on our 23-acre campus in the rocky mountains of Keystone Colorado or located in the foothills at Tomahawk Ranch. Our camping-based programs utilize the natural landscape of Colorado to teach students outdoor and environmental education.

How do you handle dietary restrictions and food allergies?

We are able to accommodate many specialty diets and food-related allergies. It is very important that each parent completes the Medical History Form. We use the information presented in this form when developing our menu and plan to provide food for each participating group. For more specific questions about diet, food-related allergies, or meal planning for your child’s field trip please call us at (970) 468-2098 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What are the qualifications of your program instructors?

All KSS program instructors come with a great background in facilitating outdoor and environmental education experiences. Each instructor is trained and certified, at minimum, in Wilderness First Aid (16-hour course), but the majority have a certification in Wilderness First Responder (80-hour course). KSS Program Instructors are also trained in behavioral management, education practices, and KSS specific risk management protocols.

Where will my child be sleeping?

The sleeping accommodations of our programs are heavily dependent on location. Please see our Dorm-Based Programs or Camping-Based Programs to see the sleeping arrangement that is tied to your student’s program location.

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Estamos emocionados de que su estudiante participe en una excursión escolar en Keystone Science School



¿Qué es Keystone Science School?

Keystone Science School es una organización sin fines de lucro que ofrece excursiones con aprendizaje experimental de varios días enfocadas a la educación al aire libre y ciencias ambientales. Los programas con alojamiento en dormitorios se llevan a cabo en nuestro campus de 23 hectáreas en las montañas de Keystone Colorado o en las colinas en Tomahawk Ranch. Nuestros programas con alojamiento en campamentos utilizan los paisajes naturales de Colorado para enseñar educación ambiental y al aire libre a los estudiantes.

¿Cómo se manejan restricciones alimenticias y alergias?

Nosotros podemos adaptar nuestros menús a diversas restricciones alimenticias y alergias. Es muy importante que los padres completen el Formulario de Historial Médico. Nosotros usamos la información en dicho documento cuando planeamos nuestro menú para proveer alimentos para cada participante en el grupo. Para preguntas más específicas respecto a nuestros menús y alimentos para su estudiante durante su excursión, favor de contactarnos al (970) 468-2098 o envíenos un correo a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

¿Qué experiencia tienen sus instructores?

Todos los instructores de KSS tienen grandes antecedentes en la facilitación de experiencias al aire libre y educación ambiental. Cada instructor es entrenado y certificado como mínimo en Wilderness First Aid (curso de 16 horas en primeros auxilios), pero la mayoría posee el certificado de Wilderness First Responder (curso de 80 horas como socorristas). Los instructores de KSS también poseen entrenamiento en manejo de comportamiento, prácticas educativas y protocolos de manejo de riesgos específicos de KSS.

¿En dónde dormirá mi estudiante?

Nuestras opciones de alojamiento dependen de la ubicación elegida para el programa. Por favor refiérase a nuestros Programas con Alojamiento en Dormitorios o Alojamiento en Campamentos para ver más información dependiendo del lugar donde el programa se llevará a cabo.

Need Help Registering for KSS Programs?

Whether this is your first time registering or you are a returning parent, we are here to help answer questions and navigate the registration process with you. Get in touch with us today!

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